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    Peppermint Angelfish Captured on Video

    This is currently the only publicly available video, of the one living Peppermint Angelfish (Paracentropyge boylei). The clip was taken by the rightful owner of the fish, Mr. Uragami of Nagoya, Japan. We thank him for sharing his highly prized Angel. Little has changed with this aquarium. That alone is likely a driver of this […]

    1″ Juvie Bandit Is A Great Example of A. arcuatus

    Here’s some more eye candy for the drooling angelfish fans. This 2.7cm juvenile Bandit Angel is alert, curious and a great example of the species (Apolemichthys arcuatus). At just over 1″, this fish ought to adapt very well to aquarium conditions, provided its fast metabolism is paired with a near constant source of food. We’re […]

    Georgia Aquarium Flick Gets Vimeo Staff Pick

    Everyday the staff, at the great video sharing site Vimeo, pick the films they like ‘the bestest’. ┬áLast week, this amazing video of the Georgia Aquarium, made by Stillmotion received the honor. This video was shot entirely with a Canon 1D MKIV using primes and a monopod. The great tunes are from The Dimes. More […]

    Missed Some Reef Talks? GIRS Has You Covered

    In case you did not attend MACNA, RAP or the myriad of other reef shows across the world, the Greater Iowa Reef Society (GIRS) has graciously shared videos from their Spring Fest event and regular meetings on Vimeo. This past spring brought in one of our own, John Coppolino, as well as Kevin Kohen. //Update: […]

    The Best Deepwater Collection Video You’ll Find

    Leave it to Rich Pyle and BBC to present this amazing video. Watch as Rich, Brian Greene and John Earle collect some unbelievably rare fish at 120m in the waters of Palau. It appears this footage is back from April, 2007 when Centropyge abei was collected along with Chromis abyssyus. Around that time John Earle […]

    Senske Shares Experiences From The 2010 ADA Nature Aquarium Party

    For our freshwater inclined readers, check out this video which walks you through Jeff Senske’s experience at the 2010 Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Party. This was the 10th annual ADA Nature Aquarium Party which took place last month in Niigata, Japan. This party attracts some of the top freshwater aquascape artists from around the […]