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    Juvi Personatus Grows Up Quick in Japanese SPS Reef

    Remember that tiny juvenile Genicanthus personatus that was collected back in 2010 by Rufus Kimura? Fast forward to this video taken at the start of this month, and you can see that baby has grown into a meaty Genicanthus in a maturing SPS reef. It’s unfortunate that two of the three Bandit Angels in this […]

    New Peppermint Angel Video

    The continually elusive Peppermint Angelfish (Paracentropyge boylei) has gotten a recent YouTube cameo, compliments of 44AZR. The tank has gotten a re-scape or is entirely new, but the shrimp and notched dorsal (albeit healing) suggest this is still the specimen belonging to Mr. Uragami. Update: This little gem is being held at Japanese LFS Marin […]

    SplashSea Films the Rare Centropyge resplendens

    Japanese marine specialty store SplashSea, has recently uploaded this brief clip showing off the incredibly rare Resplendent Angelfish (Centropyge resplendens). Centropyge resplendens is so rarely seen due to its limited range. Endemic to Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic, the collection of this species is a logistical and legal nightmare. Every so often […]

    Last Day of the Glassbox on Film

    The glassbox, my personal aquarium prior to tear down. Just before tearing down my 90g rimless aquarium, or what I refer to as my glassbox, I sought the help of some friends to take make a brief video. A few corals and one piece of live rock were sold before filming, but overall this is […]

    DSPS Video Update: Rare Fish and SPS Eye Candy

    Chingchai is back with a video update of his always immaculate DSPS 1,00g Reef Tank. The rare fish just keep piling in and colored sticks keep growing. Be sure too keep an eye out for the Plectranthias pelicieri and Centropyge resplendens.

    Short Film ‘Exotic Fish’ Shares the Addiction

    Sean Conaty and Scion AV have put together this incredible clip that shares our addiction with the outside world. If you’ve ever wanted to explain why aquariums and why it’s your passion, this video will certainly help. Two of our favorite quotes are below. Hats off to Sean, Scion (yes the car company) and all […]