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    Michael Lukaczyn’s Stunning Azoox Reef

    When it comes to color, shape and texture, Michael Lukaczyn’s azooxanthellate (non-photosynthetic) rimless reef aquarium competes with the best. This simple, well aquscaped, 50g glassbox houses animals that were once considered impossible to keep. Today we believe Mike’s tank will inspire new modern spins on non-photosynthetic reef displays. Tank Specs: Cadights Artisan series 50 gallon […]

    Mark Poletti’s Vivid SPS Reef on Film

    Mark Poletti recently shared this video of his incredibly vivid SPS reef. The clip may be a bit shakey and the music will put you to sleep, but the corals will surely get your attention.  The tall aquascape and coralscape separate this aquarium into a category reserved for the best in the world. Keep an […]

    Welles’ Stunning 250g Beijing Reef Captured on Film

    Large mature corals. Elegant and natural aquascaping. Stunning colors. There’s really not much else to say about Hu Haiwei’s reef which is one of the best in the world. Hu, better known as Welles,  uses 3 x 400w XM 10K metal halides to pop reds and yellows, while also packing enough PAR and blue wavelengths […]

    The Drop Off LPS Reef of Mariusz

    We previously showed you Mariusz’s sun coral dominated LPS reef aquarium. Since then Mariusz has been working on an upgrade, but he did not want your typical rectangular or cube tank. Given his taste in azooxanthellate corals he opted for a split level, drop off tank to mimic a reef wall. The aquarium is roughly […]

    HD Camera Captures Pieter 6m’s Stunning Curved Glass Reef

    Pieter van Suijlekom is better known in the reefing world as Pieter Six Meter for his stunning 1,500 gallon, 6 meter curved glass display tank. This aquarium was constructed using 2 sheets of 12mm glass that were bent in a large oven separately and then bonded using a special resin. This labor intensive process is […]

    Chingchai’s Latest HD DSPS 1200g Reef Video

    Here’s the latest video update of Chingchai Uekrongtham’s world class 1200g SPS reef. It has now been filled with corals and fish from his previous tank–including rare fish such as Centropyge interupta, Centropyge respendens, Zebrasoma gemmatum, and Pseudanthias ventralis. Well done Ching, you’ve raised the the bar for aquarists around the world.