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    Amazing Reefs on Instagram: 2016 Edition

    I may not write as much these days, but I’m still involved in the hobby and generally keeping tabs on the industry. Recently Instagram has been my reef-voyeur medium of choice. Thankfully there are some incredible aquariums that get shared on the social media platform. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular […]

    Aqua Rei Photo Contest Shows Off Japanese Reef Hall of Fame

    Thinking of re-aquascaping your tank? A heavy dose of Japanese Reef inspiration awaits you below. From the Archives. This was originally posted in June 8th, 2009.  Aqua Rei, a LFS in Japan put on a Photo Contest for its customers to see who had the best aquarium of all. Fortunately for us it has been […]

    Eric Yao’s HK Reef Gets TOTM Honors

    This month’s TOTM by ReefCentral has deservingly been awarded to Eric Yao’s vivid SPS reef. This Hong Kong based aquarium is the result of careful animal selection and a well balanced coralscape. Eric’s 175g reef utilizes powerful skimming via a Bubble King 250 Internal and enhanced nutrient export via ZeoVit. Specifically, Eric doses ZeoStart, ZeoBac, […]

    Yasuhiro’s Blue Lagoon, The Tank that Started it All

    October is here and the “Reefing Season” is back in full swing. In a quest for reefing motivation I turned to the Blue Lagoon, one of my favorite aquariums. This article was originally published on June 4, 2009–tanks this good never reach an expiration. I remember stumbling across the Blue Lagoon online. It was nearly […]

    Copps’ Reef in HD: Acros and Angels Galore

    If you’re reading this site you’ve likely heard his name before–John Coppolino, or Copps, is a top notch aquarists with a knack for landing some of the rarest fish available and for growing some impeccably colored corals. He’s also the biggest angelfish lover in the industry and a good friend of mine. A few weeks […]

    Yoon Yeo Kwang (SoolSool) Gets ZEO Top Honors

    We previously showed you Yoon Yeo Kwang’s beautiful 100g aquarium, and now ZEOvit.com is putting it in the spotlight again with its Dream Tank of the Quarter Award. With its attractive aquascape, coralscape and coloration, Yoon’s aquarium is a deserving winner. A brief equipment and additive profile is included below, but be sure to check […]