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    This Weekend: Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza

    This Saturday and Sunday, NYC’s biggest aquarium event will be taking place on west 37th at Manhattan Aquariums. Many aquarists are not aware that GBD Sponsor, Unique Corals is actually part of Manhattan Aquariums, a highly successful brick and mortar fish store right in the big apple. Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza December 18-19 // 10am […]

    Great Deals with Black Friday Reef Sales

    For those eyeing some new reefing equipment or livestock, our friends at Aquarium Specialty, Premium Aquatics, and Unique Corals  are having their annual Thanksgiving sales. Check ’em out and Happy Thanksgiving! Aquarium Specialty 10% off non-sale items with coupon code:  gobble10 ATI Sunpower Fixtures 5% off Warner Marine 20% off (In stock items only) Select Giesemann MH […]

    UC’s Strawberry Shortcake Freebie Deal

    A heads up on one of our favorite Acropora specimens. Unique Corals currently has a buy 2, get one free deal on their popular Strawberry Shortcake Acro. Price per 1″ frag is $69.99. If you have some friends interested in this coral, split the costs three ways and it comes to just $47 each. Not […]

    Elos Upates Online Lighting Portfolio

    Elos USA has updated their fresh website with high resolution photos and full details of their entire 2010 LED line up–including their dreamy E-Lite Color and sleek AquaTop. This is the most creative and elegant LED lighting line to hit the market. Check it out at ELOS USA.

    World’s Smallest Symphyllia Wilsoni?

    This tiny Symphyllia wilsoni was found on a much larger colony in one of Reef Odyssey’s grow out tanks. Given some time and that coral nub ought to be a centerpiece coral like this larger red relative. Chalice choppers… don’t get any ideas.

    Sybon Probe and Digital Temp Firesale at Premium Aquatics

    Premium Aquatics is having a fire sale on some overstocked Sybon instruments. If you need a new pH probe or digital thermometer you’re in luck. First up is the Sybon Lab Grade pH Probe. PA has says this is one of the best pH probes they’ve used, but with too many in stock, they are going […]