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    Hands On with IceCap’s T5 LED Retro

    When I first saw IceCap’s T5 sized LEDs at MACNA I was a bit caught off guard. Patent issues aside, why would a company that has a track record of creating PAR-intense products (particularly ballasts) offer such an aesthetics only, non-intense, LED product? I admittedly did not get a chance to chat with IceCap President, […]

    Hands On with TMC’s Aquabeam 500 and 1000HD LED Light Modules

    Late yesterday we received a large package and too much surprise it was TMC’s AquaRay line of aquarium LED lighting. These have been available in the UK for sometime now, but this is the first shipment of TMC LEDs to the US of A, through LAX wholesaler Quality Marine. TMC kindly sent us two AquaBeam […]

    New Polychaete Derived AquaThrive Food is Fish Approved

    AquaThrive is a new dry aquarium feed unlike any other. Using a patented process, the pellets are made from fresh cultured (Terebellid) Polychaete worms. This is a sustainable alternative to fish meal which dominates the fish food industry. It also may prove more valuable to specialized Polychaete feeders such as some Butterflyfish species… hence I […]

    Hands on with JBJ’s 28g LED NanoCube

    Back in October we showed you the first photos of JBJ’s new 28g LED NanoCube aquarium from our coverage of the Backer Pet industry Trade show in Chicago. Since then, Steve and the JBJ crew kindly sent over the final production model for a formal GBD review. For some background on this new LED NanoCube, […]

    Wavemaking with the Vortech MP10

    We’ve been abusing the Vortech MP10 for the past 6 months and have been impressed by the power generated by its small package. EcoTech conservatively states this pump pushes 1,500 gph. Dana Riddle wrote an insightful article featured in Advanced Aquarist, that revealed the MP10 hits over 1,800 gph at just 20w of electric consumption. […]

    Unboxing the New Aqua Illumination LED Module

    The newly redesigned Aqua Illumination LED reef aquarium light fixture is officially in house for testing by GBD. Aqua Illumination kindly sent us one of their first models for an exclusive review–a special thanks to Chris and the AI crew. After delays from overhauling the fixture to incorporate the latest Cree XP-G LED, the new […]