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    Hands on the Orphek PR-156 LED

    You’ve probably seen photos floating around online of this LED lamp. It’s the Orphek PR 156 LED aquarium light that until receiving we had never seen in person or come across a fair number of user reviews. The low profile and stated high light intensity has piqued plenty of people’s interests; enough that we’ve received […]

    Eco-friendly Aquascapes with Reef on the Rocks

    Reef on the Rocks (ROTR) is a relatively new aquarium company that offers man made aragonite based dry rock for aquarium use. The Aragolite material they use is made from Aragonite, white cement, and perlite. The result is a lightweight and porous material that offers a texture similar to Fiji Liverock. For aquarists it offers […]

    TMC AquaBeam 1000 HD PAR Analysis and Review

    TMC’s most recent addition to their AquaRay line of LED aquarium lights is the AquaBeam 1000 HD. Utilizing Cree XR-E LEDs, custom optics and increased LED density, the 1000HD was designed to fill in any light intensity gaps from the smaller AquaRay 500 LED strips. If you think of the AquaRay 500 strips as flourescent […]

    Casio Exilim EX-G1 Review, on the Street & Underwater

    The Casio Exilim EX-G1 is one of the latest ‘rugged’ cameras on the market, capable of taking a beating and a dip. After writing about the potential this tiny waterproof point and shoot has in the aquarium world back in January, the kind folks at Casio sent us a unit for review. After two months […]

    NanoCustoms PAR38 Spotlight Review | PAR and Spread Analysis

    I first laid eyes on the NanoCustoms Par38 LED spotlight in Atlantic City, while attending MACNA. As a long time proponent of spotlight and coral specific lighting, I was admittedly  drawn to the flexibility that these medium based LED lights provided. The NanoCustoms PAR38 LED spotlight incorporates 5 Cree XR-E leds, optics, heatsink and constant […]

    Profilux Doser Maintenance : Cleaning Pump Heads

    I’ve been using the Profilux standalone doser for just over 6 months now which means it’s time for some pump cleaning. In the time the unit has been in operation, the Profilux standalone doser has worked extremely well–the only mark against it has been an infrequent noise. Roughly one month ago a single pump began creating […]