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    New Forum Azoox.org Embraces the Dark

    Azoox.org is a new forum dedicated to the care of azooxanthellate, or non-photosynthetic, corals. Azoox has a great team behind it and is already showing signs of what a modern forum should be about–knowledge sharing. Most recently IT guru Shane Garber (liquid) implemented api.embed.ly to allow direct embedding of videos, photos, documents and even tweets. […]

    A Glassbox Look At 2010

    When reflecting back on each year that passes, you realize how quickly it all went by. 2010 was a tumultuous year largely dictated by the macroeconomic environment. For the aquarium industry it was the beginning of what I strongly believe to be the rise of LED lighting. It also put less influence on actual gadgets […]

    This Weekend: Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza

    This Saturday and Sunday, NYC’s biggest aquarium event will be taking place on west 37th at Manhattan Aquariums. Many aquarists are not aware that GBD Sponsor, Unique Corals is actually part of Manhattan Aquariums, a highly successful brick and mortar fish store right in the big apple. Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza December 18-19 // 10am […]

    IceCap Suspends Operations, Restructuring In Process

    We regret to inform you that one time lighting stalwart IceCap Inc. has suspended operations. They are currently undergoing a restructuring; working closely with investors, management, and vendors over the next 60 days in hopes of continuing the brand. A restructuring like this and a fresh infusion of capital may be enough to bring this […]

    Econo-Flip Flop: H&S to Distribute Bubble Magus

    As if further proof was necessary that the world wide recession has impacted our hobby, German based H&S Aquaristik has announced it will now be distributing Bubble Magus products. H&S is also currently selling them direct–through eBay. On their homepage H&S states that they will distribute and sell all models available. Additionally they will back […]

    ‘Full Barred’ Captive Bred Latezonatus Clownfish from Karen Brittain

    Look out Latz lovers! Amphiprion latezonatus, commonly known as the wide-band or Latezonatus clownfish, is one of the most desired yet least obtainable species for anemonefish enthusiasts. Their characteristic wide center stripe that broadens with age, distinguishes them from every other species of clownfish. Wild collected “Latz”, as they are affectionately known, have trickled into […]