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    Planctonite’s Skimmer Fan & Tetra’s Patent

    Planctonite’s new BOT skimmer is pretty interesting. Think Berlin Triple Pass meets Seaclone, but a hell of a lot better. The skimmer uses a fan blade, dubbed the Dynamo, that is powered by the output of your normal Pinwheel fitted skimmer pump. This creates a cyclone effect within the reaction chamber. It’s a novel idea. […]

    Bubble Magus Goes Slope Style With New Hero Skimmers

    What does Bubble Magus now have in common with the Supermarins, Sharks, and Powercones? Yup, that big sloped neck. These are the new Bubble Magus Hero skimmers, arguably the best looking products from the Chinese manufacturer. BM has released three models shown here from top to bottom: BM Hero 180, BM Hero 220 and BM […]

    ATB Says Supersize Me on Latest Skimmer Design

    In case you want to turn your community pool into a saltwater coral reef, ATB has conjured up this beast. Dubbed the ATB Supersize, it features dual Airstar 3000 pumps injecting into a double bubble plate. You’ll also notice that spray down system in the neck–saltwater washes down the inside, while the injectors actually inside […]

    Custom ATB Slim Line Skimmer Boasts Double Bubble Plate

    I’m in the process of overhauling some of the basic filtration items on the glassbox, one of which happens to be the skimmer. Not because the current ATB Small External is not good enough, rather, I have a compulsion to try new equipment. I suppose it comes with the territory. Victor at ATB USA has […]

    ATB Elegance 200 Pro Skimmer: Big Performance, Small Footprint

    Austrian equipment outfit, ATB is out with their newest skimmer model: the ATB Elegance 200 Pro. At 550mm (21.6″) tall and a footprint of just 280 x 230mm (11″ x 9″) this skimmer is aimed at aquarists who require a large skimmer, but not the associated footprint. By placing the ATB Airstar Pro pump inside […]

    Hands on the ATB Mini Airstar v2.0

    The ¬†PSK 2500 based ATB Mini Airstar is dead. The attractive little pump and huge volute was the best PSK 2500 based pump for its time, but has since been laid to rest–and rightfully so. Sicce’s new PSK 600 and PSK 1000 Syncra motor blocks are stronger, more reliable and better built than its past […]