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    Polish Reefers To Show Off In Upcoming Calendar

    2011 is quickly approaching and the Poland reefing scene is planning to shows its aquarium goods in the new year. Krzysztof Tryc, Andrzej Niewiarowski, and band of aquarists will be featuring 12 stunning aquariums in a “Best of Polish” reefs calendar. Interestingly, 6 of the 12 aquariums featured use NP BioPellets to maintain low nitrate […]

    Vertex Giving Away $2,000 in Free Equipment

    Vertex is having their very first ‘Vertex Me’, a video contest in which customers have the chance to win $2,000 in Vertex equipment.  Not bad. The deadline for video submission is December 26th, at which point we would not be surprised to see the new Vertex Libra dosing pump or Lumilux LED aquarium light. Check […]

    Piscine Energetics Mysis Blister Pack Makes Feeding Easier and More Controlled

    Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp is one of the best frozen aquarium feeds available. Our only real complaint stemmed from their frozen flat packs. For your average home sized aquarium they are a messy pain in the wrasse. By comparison, blister packs are easier and give us better portion control. Blister packs make it easy for […]

    Jet Engine Tech Keeps LEDs Cool, Just Ask GE

    Making the rounds this week is a GE press release on a new LED downlight that uses “jet engine technology” to enhance cooling and overall efficiency. GE engineers were able to leverage thermal management tech and knowledge gained from their Jet Engine research and apply it to LEDs. To achieve this efficiency GE is using […]

    RIP Paul The Octopus, A World Cup Oracle Dies of Old Age

    A moment of silence please. Meanwhile Ozil and the rest of Germany are celebrating. For those unfamiliar with our Ceph friend, Paul correctly predicted all 7 of Germany’s World Cup matches by opening up the container identified by the winning team’s flag. Despite residing in a German Public Aquarium, Paul correctly identified the better soccer […]

    FishWatch App Allows Lighting Control and Video Streaming to iPhone

    FishWatch is a new (yet to be reviewed app) aiming to tap into the aquarium monitoring market. Made by Sunshine Apps GmbH, Fish Watch is a spin off of their HomeWatch and Baby Monitoring iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps. With some expensive accessories and perpetual internet connection, the application claims it will allow: 24×7 access […]