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    Elos Upates Online Lighting Portfolio

    Elos USA has updated their fresh website with high resolution photos and full details of their entire 2010 LED line up–including their dreamy E-Lite Color and sleek AquaTop. This is the most creative and elegant LED lighting line to hit the market. Check it out at ELOS USA.

    Ecoxotic’s Curvilinear Aquarium Light Patent

    On June 8, 2010 an unassuming patent was issued to Dennis Fredricks for a “Curvilinear Aquarium Light”. The claim in the patent is for an “ornamental design for a curvilinear aquarium light, as shown and described.”  The idea is simple, but potentially extremely helpful when performing tank maintenance. The light is described as an “aquarium light […]

    Sfiligoi Vision Plasma Light is Coming

    Sfiligoi is moving foward with their Vision Plasma aquarium light, offering it in a single 24″ as well as dual 48″ size. To offset the Plasma’s low kelvin, yellow light, the Luxim plasma emitter is flanked by 2 T5 tubes as well as LED moonlights to aid in the blue wavelengths. At this stage with […]

    First Look at the CoralVue Solarian LED

    Here’s the first look at the upcoming CoralVue Solarian LED light. This modular design can be adapted for most aquarists needs and budgets, accepting LEDs from 4 to 5 different manufacturers in a multitude of colors. Shown here is the “universal board” which incorporates the LEDs and constant current driver into one. This complicated board […]

    Marineland Reef Capable LED Lights Unveiled

    Our friends over at 3reef have shared a slew of images on the upcoming “Reef Capable” LED lights from Marineland. The unit is sure to be popular given Marinelands massive distribution, but alas we’re a bit let down in initial PAR numbers from the manufacturer. While PAR is not the end all, be all–the numbers […]

    Battle of the Pinks: DD AquaPink PowerChrome or ATI Purple Plus?

    Dan Flavin’s “Re-imagining Architecture with Fabricated Light” series inadvertently portrays blue dominated reef lighting well. It was just about the blues; now suddenly it’s the pinks. After the success of the KZ Fiji Purple and the just-off-the-mark ATI ProCoral, pink is becoming the new actinic–that is after actinic became the new daylight. D-D / Giesemann […]