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    Radium 20K Lovers: Consider Stocking Up

    For those old school metal halide coral keepers using the irreproducible Radium 20K–take note. Osram, which sells your coveted Radium bulbs, is undergoing a business unit carve out of their general lighting unit. The legal separation is slated to be completed by July 1st and the entity’s new name is LEDVANCE. We spoke with Osram […]

    AI Firmware Update Allows 3 Channel Color Control, Storm Simulation, and Cloud Cover

    Aqua Illumination (AI) has just released a new beta firmware update (3RC7) that now allows control of each color channel (Royal Blue, Blue, and White) for the recently added Sol Blue color option. The addition of the third channel will allow users to better adjust the color temperature and intensity of light entering their aquarium. […]

    Hands on the Orphek PR-156 LED

    You’ve probably seen photos floating around online of this LED lamp. It’s the Orphek PR 156 LED aquarium light that until receiving we had never seen in person or come across a fair number of user reviews. The low profile and stated high light intensity has piqued plenty of people’s interests; enough that we’ve received […]

    Cree Boosts Output on XP-E Royal Blue & Blue LEDs

    Today Cree announced the commercial availability of its highest binned colored XP-E and XP-C LEDs. The most notable increase for aquarists comes from the Royal Blue XP-E which received a 75mw increase, from 425mW to 500mW. In addition the XP-E Blue LEDs received a bump from 30.6 lumens at 350mA to 39.8. Press release below: DURHAM, N.C., […]

    Where Are the Ikea LED Hacks?

    Aquarium DIYers are no slouches–especially when it comes to LEDs. For that reason I’m amazed that more LED lighting hacks have not been done, converting home lighting into aquarium lighting. The low wattage and small form factor of LEDs makes them ideal for turning your significant other’s table lamp into an attractive swing arm Nano […]

    AI Wave is Now the AI Flare

    AI’s latest twist and go, LED aquarium light has had its fair share of name searching. At MACNA the Cree XP-G tubes were presented as the AI Wave, but they have since been renamed to the AI Flare. A befitting name for the small LED tubes that were hitting 100 umol (PAR) at the September […]