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    Blue Harbor’s 2011 Calendar Brings 12 Months of Eye Candy

    Blue Harbor, a popular fish store and rare fish Mecca in Japan, has just finalized their 2011 Calendar. On a recent visit to the U.S., Koji Wada was kind enough to give me a copy. [I must give a big thank you to LiveAquaria’s Kevin Kohen for shipping it.] Including in the calendar is the […]

    Stunning False Shepardi x Bispinosa Hybrid Angel

    One of the most exciting fish to recently come out of Cebu is the False Shepardi Angelfish. This ‘species’ is actually a cross of the Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loriculus) and the Rusty Angelfish (Centropyge ferrugata). The 50/50 mix creates a hybrid that is nearly indistinguishable from the true Separd’s angel that isĀ found in the waters […]

    Peppermint Angelfish Captured on Video

    This is currently the only publicly available video, of the one living Peppermint Angelfish (Paracentropyge boylei). The clip was taken by the rightful owner of the fish, Mr. Uragami of Nagoya, Japan. We thank him for sharing his highly prized Angel. Little has changed with this aquarium. That alone is likely a driver of this […]

    Mame Design Calcium Sand is Whiter Than Snow

    Substrate choice in marine aquariums is an endless debate. Some like it fine. Some like it deep. Others hate it and like it bare. As long as your preference includes some type of substrate covering your aquarium’s bottom pane you may want to check out Mame Design’s Calcium Sand. It’s as white as it gets. […]

    Japanese Aquarist Has Success with Obligate Corallivore Butterflyfish

    Obligate coral feeding butterflyfish, like Chaetodon larvatus or C. ornatissimus, are a pipe dream for most. Their beautiful patterns and colors scream for attention, but sadly their dietary needs are rarely met. Because of their stony coral diet, the mortality rate of these obligate corallivores in captivity is near 100%. That is why you should […]

    Yasuhiro’s Blue Lagoon, The Tank that Started it All

    October is here and the “Reefing Season” is back in full swing. In a quest for reefing motivation I turned to the Blue Lagoon, one of my favorite aquariums. This article was originally published on June 4, 2009–tanks this good never reach an expiration. I remember stumbling across the Blue Lagoon online. It was nearly […]