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    Elos Pro Coral: A New Way to Spot Feed

    At this past InterZoo, the new Elos Pro Coral food was a unique, but little talked about product release. Pro Coral is a new coral specific food designed for target or spot feeding, while keeping waste to a minimum. Rather than squirting a mixture of mysis or chopped seafood at your favorite Acan or Scoly […]

    X-Aqua’s X-Inout Device Arrives to US

    Italian aquarium co. X-Aqua recently showed off their wares in Nuremburg as part of InterZoo and already their products are trickling in. A proper hat tip to ¬†Captive Aquatics is in order for their unboxing pictures. As the name implies, the X-Inout gets water in the aquarium from the sump and back to it, serving […]

    Simple Elos E-Luxe Pendent Pairs Metal Halide with LED

    Leave it to Elos to make a simple, low profile aluminum light fixture for the masses. Shown above is the new Elos ELuxe light fixture which pairs double ended metal halides with LED blue supplements. ¬†Shown here is the 150w DE Metal Halide, which is flanked by 8 blue LEDs on each side. This particular […]

    KZ’s New Recirculating Revolution Cone Skimmers

    Korallen Zucht (“KZ”), makers of Zeovit, has shown their new in-sump recirculating skimmer design for their colorful Revolution Cone Skimmer line. The design pulls water from the base of the skimmer through the lockline tubing, while also drawing water through the sump–first passing through a prefilter (the blue container, lower right). Water is then pumped […]

    New TMC AquaBeam 1500XG Packs 10 Cree XP-Gs

    American reefers may have just begun seeing the TMC Aquabeam 1000HD, but UK based Tropical Marine Centre has just shown their latest addition to their Aquabeam line–the 1500XG–at this years InterZoo. As we reported back in February, TMC began experimenting with Cree’s latest LED and the Aquabeam 1500XG Ultima is the result. The Aquabeam 1500XG […]

    Aqua Light Couples Fiber Optics with LED Aquarium Lights

    German based Aqua Light has included a ‘fiber optic’ bar with its latest Eco Light high intensity LED aquarium light, to allow complete control and directability. This light was revealed to the public at InterZoo 2010, but many questions still remain on the usability of this design. The standard Aqua Light Eco Light LED luminaire […]