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    The Anthias Jumps… Err Where Did It Go?

    Last weekend the bizarre happened in my home. I am not sure the odds, but surely greater than one in a million. I am a bit embarrassed to even share this…! ____________________________________________ After two weeks of cupramine treatment followed by formalin dips the Lyretail Anthias were ready to go into the glassbox. Being so small […]

    Aquascaping the glassbox

    Everything is still settling in to the glassbox and updates will be postponed for a while until corals color back up. In the mean time here’s a peak at the current liverock layout with some of my own ramblings on aquascaping.  The liverock used here is 25 pounds of Premium’s Cured Bali Alor and it is […]

    Update on the Glassbox, It’s Empty…

    Per some persistent phone calls, e-mails and comments from you guys here’s how the glassbox looked as of Friday evening… empty. All rock, water and sand was discarded. Plumbing and sump has been dismantled and cleaned. Pretty boring overall, but a nice clean starphire rimless tank never looks bad.  Thanks to a lot of labor and […]

    Amyloodinium and Secondary Infections – Part 3, Mortality and Rebuild

    I apologize about the delay on this post. Below is a continuance from #1 and #2. By now all the butterflyfish had been freshwater dipped and were in quarantine under going copper treatment. The C. declivis, C. xanthocephalus and C. collare seemed fine, but the Hybrid at this point looked bad. Prior to the velvet (Amyloodinium […]

    ATB New Collection Cup With Extended Neck

    Since the initial installation of the ATB External Small Cone Skimmer I have been required to reduce the air intake slightly to prevent overflowing and/or extremely wet skimming. ATB and myself are  not completely certain why this is. The feed  is roughly 200gph via MJ1200, but the air intake is elevated at 850-950lph. That increase […]

    Are You Balling? Fauna Marin Balling Salts

    The Full Line of Fauna Marin Balling Salts To go along with the Profilux Stand Alone Dosing Pump, we’ll be giving the full line of FM Balling Salts a try as well. This includes: Sodium Bicarbonate  Calcium Chloride  Magnesium Sulfate and Magnesium Chloride FM Mineralsalt (NaCl Free Salt) Ultra Trace B  Heavy Metal Komplex Strontium-Barium […]