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    Roa jayakari Trawled Up From The Depths of The Andaman Sea

    Awhile ago, the story of two extremely rare deep water butterflies was first shared here. The capture of not one, but two very rare Roa excelsa butterflyfishes made big news worldwide. Roa excelsa is a member of the genus Roa, which includes two other species. R. modestus and R. jayakari. Of the three, R. modestus […]

    Third Documented Fisheri x Potteri Hybrid Collected in Oahu

    Just over 10 days ago, the third documented Centropyge fisheri x Centropyge potteri hybrid was collected by Alika Garcia, a diver on Oahu, Hawaii, at apprximately 75′ on the south side of Oahu. This stunning hybrid was promptly sent to wholesaler Tropical Fish Emporium where it has been made available to the retail world. The […]

    Gorgeous Percula Raises the Standard for Wild Caught Clowns

    With the recent influx of designer clowns from big companies like ORA and local breeders from around the world, who would have thought that Mother Nature was also busy producing some of her own! Here’s a beautiful wild caught Amphiprion percula that certainly makes for a good conversation piece. A “tear drop” just beneath the […]

    Pseudochromis tapeinosoma, an unusual Dottyback from the Indo-Pacific.

    Please welcome Tea Yi Kai to GLASSBOXDESIGN. Known as ‘Lemon’ by friends and family, Tea is currently a Biotech student in Singapore studying molecular genetics and microbiology. Lemon has a deep passion for aquariums and rare fish, in particular Wrasses, Angelfish and Butterflyfish. Pseudochromis tapeinosoma is an unusual and seldom seen dottyback that has made […]

    Feeding Finicky Eaters, A Trick for Angels and Butterflyfish

    Minute by minute, we grow with anticipation during the acclimation process. Maybe immediately after releasing the fish to its new home—or for the truly patient, the next day—we add prepared food in hopes that the new animal eats with vigor. We expect hope the fish takes to the offered food, but step back for a moment […]

    Blue Harbor’s 2011 Calendar Brings 12 Months of Eye Candy

    Blue Harbor, a popular fish store and rare fish Mecca in Japan, has just finalized their 2011 Calendar. On a recent visit to the U.S., Koji Wada was kind enough to give me a copy. [I must give a big thank you to LiveAquaria’s Kevin Kohen for shipping it.] Including in the calendar is the […]