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    Milwaukee Mini PO4 Photometer Puts Checker in Check

    Not to be out done by Hanna’s popular line of Checker photometers, Milwaukee Instruments has come out with their own line of hand held, digital PO4 kit. The MW-12 Phosphate meter has a range of 0 – 2.50 ppm with a resolution of .01 ppm. Milwaukee states accuracy levels as ±0.04 ppm ±4% of reading […]

    RD2 DC Classic Pumps Surface in Germany

    The long awaited revamp to the Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon DC pump is here. Shown in these photos is the new RD2 DC Classic 75w model. A larger 230w model is said to be available next month. The 75w model pushes 800 to 8,000 l/h (200 – 2,000 gph) with 4.2m max head. We’ve yet […]

    Planctonite GreenBox is a Phyto Growing Machine

    This 6.5L phytoplankton reactor, called the GreenBox is the latest gadget from the Spanish aquarium outfit Plactonite. Using a variable control magnetic stirrer and LED illumination, the GreenBox cultivates phytoplankton in a slick looking reactor. The benefit of this closed design, over say a 2 liter plastic bottle, is that it can be used like […]

    Vortech MP60 Shipping This Week

    Yes, the 7,500 gph machine we showed you from MACNA will soon be moving water in many private aquariums–the Vortech MP60 ships this week. Vortech MP60 Stats Tank size (gallons): 120 – 1000+ gallons Flow (GPH): 2,500 – 7,500 GPH Wattage: 10 – 60 watts Aquarium Tank Wall Thickness range: 3/8” – 1” Dimensions: Wet […]

    Econo-Flip Flop: H&S to Distribute Bubble Magus

    As if further proof was necessary that the world wide recession has impacted our hobby, German based H&S Aquaristik has announced it will now be distributing Bubble Magus products. H&S is also currently selling them direct–through eBay. On their homepage H&S states that they will distribute and sell all models available. Additionally they will back […]

    Sprung’s KW Reactor is Simple & Efficient

    Two Little Fishies’ KW Reactor is a simple kalkwasser reactor that allows aquariums to be topped off with saturated Kalkwasser (Calcium hydroxide) without the need for multiple pumps or stirrers. A single feed pump provides fresh water to the reactor, and stirs the Kalkwasser to ensure ample saturation. Typically putting this much back pressure on […]