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    Rare Fish | Tinkeri Hybrids – Chaetodon tinkeri, flavocoronatus, and burgessi

    The Roaops subgenus is a favorite of mine. These deepwater butterflies adapt well to captive conditions and generally eat immediately after being place in the aquarium. On top of that they are stunning fish with great personalities. For most aquarists, the unknown species of the subgenus is Chaetodon flavocoronatus. This beautiful fish has markings like C. […]

    Reef News | Deep Sea News goes Discovery, Red glowing fish, New species found on GBR…

    One of our favorite blogs Deep Sea News is switching from Science Blogs to the Discovery Channel. We wish Craig McClain, Peter Etnoyer, and Kevin Zelnio the best of luck at their new home. You can find their new blog here: Deep Sea News. DSN offers great variety in their articles, photos and videos… like this one […]

    Banggai Cardinalfish given endangered status, yet still commonly available

    The recent popularity of this fish being discussed on the forums, retailers, and other websites prompted this post. Please read it and check out the links for yourself. Around this time last year the popular Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) was assessed as an endangered species under criterion B of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, […]

    Three Fish Morphs You’ve Never Seen

    We have been discussing hybrids and fish morphs with our friend Tetsuo, and these are some of the latest to be collected. While they may not be as beautiful as P. multifasciatus x P. venustus, they are still interesting and unique. This clownfish hybrid was captured one year ago in Indonesia. In captivity it has […]

    Dealing with the Heat – Turn the Heater Up

    As summer hits, so do the bleaching and RTN  horror stories from the increase in temperatures. A non-functioning air conditioning unit in your home can possibly lead to the death of sensitive corals such as Acroporas. If you feel you are at risk from any potential raise in water temperature some simple insurance can be […]

    Rare Male Sea Dragon Pregnant

    Very exciting news. The eggs of this beautiful creature are expected to hatch in four to six weeks. We wish Georgia Aquarium luck in raising them. After setting the mood with lighting and finessing, the Georgia Aquarium’s attempts to coax rare sea dragons to mate have finally worked — just in time for Father’s Day.  […]