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    Bobtail Squid Proves Vibrio is Not Always the Villain

    Vibrio sp. bacterium has long earned a reputation as being harmful. In our tanks, it has been frequently speculated that Vibrio is an instigating factor in numerous cases of RTN. Researchers have shown that the Hawaiian Bobtail squid (Euprymna scolopes) will regularly utilize Vibrio fisheri within its body to create bioluminescence for protection from predators. The squid are not born with these cultures, but will “gather” them from surrounding waters

    New ‘Strawberry’ Crab Discovered in Taiwan

    A ‘new’ unidentified crab is making news headlines for its fruity looks. Dubbed by the media as the Strawberry crab, this undescribed species was found by marine biologists from the National Taiwan Ocean University off the southern coast of Taiwan. It is similar in appearance to Neoliomera pubescens, which aquarists also call the Strawberry crab, except […]

    What’s it like to Scuba Dive down to 400ft?

    There are two names that every rare fish nerd should know, Jack Randall and Richard Pyle. Without the work and dedication of these two ichthyologists, many of the most coveted and beautiful species in the trade would be unknown. Here is a talk by Richard Pyle on his life’s work that was given at TED2004 […]

    2nd Oarfish Washes on Beach in England this Month

    An Oarfish (Regalecus glesne) was recently found washed up on a beach in England, making this the second beached Oarfish this month. This recent ribbon of a fish measured in at 9’7″ and was found at Tynemouth Beach, in North Tyneside. The specimen was collected for an autopsy that will be performed at Tynemouth’s Blue […]

    Deepsea Footage of Macropinna microstoma by MBARI

    Photo by MBARI This bizarre fish, Macropinna microstoma, has recently risen to the top of internet popularity. The two green dots within the head of this fish are the lenses to the eyes, which are surrounded by a clear fluid that protects them. This species was first discovered in 1939, however at that time it was […]

    Tosanoides Anthias Enter the Trade – Industry First

    Around this time last year a female Tosanoides flavofasciatus was collected in Japan at extreme depths. After its collection the specimen quickly went to Blue Harbor where it sold for an undisclosed price to an avid aquarist. This deepwater anthias is highly sought after in Japan and had many collectors and enthusiast excited.  Here’s a […]