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    Where Are the Ikea LED Hacks?

    Aquarium DIYers are no slouches–especially when it comes to LEDs. For that reason I’m amazed that more LED lighting hacks have not been done, converting home lighting into aquarium lighting. The low wattage and small form factor of LEDs makes them ideal for turning your significant other’s table lamp into an attractive swing arm Nano […]

    Senske ‘Scapes with Hakkai Stones, A True Gift from Amano

    Jeff Senske of the Aquarium Design Group (ADG) has recently completed the first American Aquascape using Hakkai stones from Japan. Thanks for us, Jeff captured and shared his work in the video above. For marine aquarists discussing these stones sounds as foreign as Plectranthias does to our fellow freshwater hobbyists–but take note; there is a […]

    Emaco R400 Architectural Cement Is An Aquascaper’s Best Friend

    One of my favorite Aquascaping tools that I’ve ever used is Thorite Cement. It has proven to be reef safe in small quantities (still use caution and your brains when adding to an aquarium). Many people, including public aquariums, have used this with success to create large, stable rock structures. Simply put, it is a […]

    Bruno’s Modern French Aquarium

    The French reef keeping scene has been booming lately, with some of the most creative and clean marine aquariums we’ve seen this year. Bruno’s simple 130 x 75 x 50cm display is no different. This rimless set up has officially given a clinic to aquarists around the world on how to hang pendant lighting. This […]

    Stunning Japanese Aquariums From CP Farm

    Most of you have probably stumbled across at least one of these images–these beautiful aquariums set up by CP Farm Japan continue to provide inspiration to aquarists around the world for their vibrant colors and balanced aquascapes. I’d also add that I believe these aquariums have largely influenced the popularity of Apogon and Zoramia species.It […]

    Aqua Design Amano’s Nature Aquarium Gallery on Film

    Check out this clip of Aqua Design Amano’s (ADA) beautiful Nature Aquarium Gallery in Nigita, Japan. See why Takashi Amano’s work has established his name throughout the world.