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    Amazing Reefs on Instagram: 2016 Edition

    I may not write as much these days, but I’m still involved in the hobby and generally keeping tabs on the industry. Recently Instagram has been my reef-voyeur medium of choice. Thankfully there are some incredible aquariums that get shared on the social media platform. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular […]

    The Cube Garden Superior is Glassbox Art

    If there is one aquarium company that has embraced the simplicity of a “glassbox”, it is Aqua Design Amano. Commonly referred to as ADA, their cube gardens feature beveled, high clarity glass and minimally visible adhesive, making them some of the most attractive aquariums in the world. The Cube Garden Superior takes that all to […]

    New World Transparent Specimens Turns Preservation Into Modern Art

    New World Transparent Specimens is the latest work from Japanese artist Iori Tomita. Using a method that dissolves an animals natural proteins, Tomita is able to preserve these deceased animals with striking detail–highlighting the finest and most delicate skeleton structures. To further enhance the visual appeal of these ornate skeletons, Tomita selectively injects different colored […]

    The Aqueous Art Movement Is Here

    Aquaria is art. We have always seen the beauty inside our glass boxes. Now some individuals are making sure that non-aquarists are exposed to this beauty too. Enter The Aquaeous Art Movement, a group of fantastic aquascape artists that have recently shown off their creations at the Maverik Showroom in Shoreditch, London. The group is […]

    Mame Design Calcium Sand is Whiter Than Snow

    Substrate choice in marine aquariums is an endless debate. Some like it fine. Some like it deep. Others hate it and like it bare. As long as your preference includes some type of substrate covering your aquarium’s bottom pane you may want to check out Mame Design’s Calcium Sand. It’s as white as it gets. […]

    Archiquarium is a Modern Two-Story Goldfish Display

    This split level corian made box is not your run of the mill aquarium. Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Ankarberg has put his own stamp on aquaria with this simple fish tank named the Archiquarium. Although not aimed at the salty side of the hobby, the contemporary window pane viewing of the split level Archiquarium adds interest […]