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    ORA Acropora Solitaryensis Released

    Check out ORA’s latest coral, the ORA Solitaryensis. This unique tabling coral grows multiple tiers or fused branches, while exhibiting purple tips on a tan/green base.

    Dutch Government Backed Coral Nursery to Launch

    The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and aquarium company EcoDeco BV have teamed up to create one of the most promising aquaculture plans to date. Tim Wijgerde of Coral Science writes, “Soon, a small-scale coral nursery will be established near Utrecht, The Netherlands, with two test systems having a total volume of 33,600 liters (8,842 USG). […]

    The Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid Craze Pt. 2

    This a continuation on purported “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthids“. See Part 1 here. “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid” Photos by David Hammontree Dr. Riemer’s information on the widespread range of these Zoanthus sansibaricus polyps combined with a little logic and legwork with USFWS  provides ample evidence why the overwhelming majority of these zoanthids are not from Japan. Why? Exporting live coral […]

    The Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid Craze Pt. 1

    We had corresponded a few times back and forth via e-mail. One or two messages later and I had the chance to talk with him on the phone–Skype to be more exact. I was admittedly hesitant to reach out to him on the chat client. His status read “University paperwork… grrr“. “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthids” Photos […]

    Elos Pro Coral: A New Way to Spot Feed

    At this past InterZoo, the new Elos Pro Coral food was a unique, but little talked about product release. Pro Coral is a new coral specific food designed for target or spot feeding, while keeping waste to a minimum. Rather than squirting a mixture of mysis or chopped seafood at your favorite Acan or Scoly […]

    Move Over Chalice, Australomussa rowleyensis is Here

    Australomussa rowleyensis is the latest colorful coral import that is sure to become as desireable as Acans of the past and Chalices of the present. LiveAquaria recently shared this quad Australomussa photo and the tie dye specimen in the lower right corner is already creating chatter among LPS coral “collectors”. I’m not a big LPS […]