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    Arbitrary Coherence and Coral Prices, More Than Supply & Demand

    You know what really grinds my gears? Over priced, eraser tip sized coral fragments. Often people justify these prices by the coral’s popularity–if the corals are overpriced no one would by them, right? There is some validity to that notion, but there is much going on here than what people perceive to be supply and […]

    Mote Releases Captive Corals to Replenish Wild Reefs

    Last Wednesday, Scientists from the Mote Marine Laboratory released captive grown corals into the wild, in an effort to restore and restock damaged coral reefs. In total, 138 corals that were grown out and propagated in land based raceway systems were replanted on Florida reefs nearby Coopers Island and at another site near Looe Key. […]

    Capturing Maximum Polyp Extension in Photographs

    Gary Parr of Reef Threads has recently shared an extremely simple, but effective tip to help capture corals with maximum polyp extension. It’s particularly helpful when shooting azoox corals–Photograph them in the dark. With a flash of course. Wanting to get a photo of his Balanophyllia colony in all its glory, Gary set up his […]

    Vasconcelo Gives LPS Aquascaping Clinic

    Our European blogging friends over at H20 + Something recently featured the impressive reef tank of Artur Vasconcelo. The near 1,000g system is filled with plenty of gadgets, a tank room that would make you jealous, and a shoal of surgeons that would put the Tang Police in shock. Even with all that, for me, the most […]

    Turbinaria Heronensis Is Like Reniformis On Roids

    Turbinaria reniformis is a hardy, popular and beautiful coral species that adapts quite well to the home aquarium. Most aquarists, however, are not familiar with one of its relatives, Turbinaria heronensis. Colonies of T. heronensis are like a caricature of T. reniformis, in that the coralites are much more prominent, tubular and irregular. Think of Samy […]

    World’s Smallest Symphyllia Wilsoni?

    This tiny Symphyllia wilsoni was found on a much larger colony in one of Reef Odyssey’s grow out tanks. Given some time and that coral nub ought to be a centerpiece coral like this larger red relative. Chalice choppers… don’t get any ideas.