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    Category Archives for bacterioplankton

    KZ’s New ZeoStart 3 and Bio Mate Supplements

    A mock up of KZ’s new ZeoStart 3 Korallen Zucht, makers of the popular bacterioplankton ZEOvit system have two new reef related products coming out. ZEOStart3 will be making its way into the Basic 4 line up, as an update to the previous ZeoStart2 organic carbon source. ZeoStart  is added to fuel bacterial growth within […]

    Mini Fridge + Dosing Pump = Azoox Continuous Feeder

    As Azooxanthellate (“Azoox”) corals become more and more popular, so will automated feeding systems such as this. This regrigerated dosing set up was put together by Michael Lucazyn for his stunning Non-Photosynthetic Reef. Mike’s continuious feeder was inspired by Steve Weast’s set up, with a bit of insight from Matt Wandell on the venturi. In […]

    The Influence of Aquarium Filtration on DOC, Seen with UV 254 Analysis

    Editors Note:Please welcome Matt Wandell to Glassbox. Matt works as an Aquatic Biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium where he is responsible for many exhibits including this striking Deepwater Reef. Matt is an extremely knowledgeable biologist and aquarists and we thank him for this piece on Dissolved Organic Carbon. One of the most exciting developments in reef […]

    Price Drops 20% on NP BioPellets

    NP BioPellets originator, Reef Interests / DVH Imports has reduced pricing on their pellet product by 20%, with the same drop trickling down to aquarists. This is a brave move considering the Euro’s recent rapid descent, but we’re not complaining. A less expensive price makes for a happy reefer. Previously 500ml and 1,000mL of NP […]

    Coral Shop DispoPhos is a Liquid PO4 Remover

    Relatively unknown outside of Europe, Coral Shop is a specialty aquarium brand based out of the Czech Republic. Coral Shop offers a wide array of chemistry products ranging from additives, to balling salts, to test kits. One of their most popular products is DispoPhos–a liquid phosphate remover. This product is one of the first of […]

    Move Over BioPellets, Rice Is Here…

    Using rice like a solid carbon source “biopellet”? Some daring aquarists are giving it a try…