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    Rare Odontanthias fuscipinnis Staying in U.S.

    The Odontanthias fuscipinnis (syn. Holanthias fuscipinnis) anthias is one of many serious reefkeepers dreams. For those here in the US, it has always been bittersweet. Collected in the deep waters of one of our own states, Hawaii, these fish  are seemingly always shuffled off to Japan or Southeast Asia for a better market value. Thanks to […]

    Scientific Nomenclature… Why Speak Latin?

    Cirrhilaburs marjorie is named after Biologist Marj Awai About, oh a hundred million years ago, aquarists started arguing which method is better to identify the animals they care for: scientific nomenclature or common names.  That’s a little excessive, but it does feel that way.  This battle has seemingly escalated into a war, whenever it is […]

    Coral Reefs in danger from US Senators?! Jeff Greene’s Reef-Yacht-Disaster

    Unless you’ve been living in a pineapple under the sea for the past 20 years (did I really just reference that?!), you’ve seen, heard, or read, that our wild coral reefs are in danger. Environmental acidification, malicious destruction, non-native invaders—all issues that we are concerned and focused on. However, it appears we may be omitting […]

    Anaerobic life, Not Just for Bacteria Anymore

    The phenomenon of life occurring in low oxygen, or even oxygen devoid conditions, is not all that mind blowing for most people, particularly aquarists. Our hobby has long been familiar with the presence of anoxic conditions, and their function. In these terms, the anaerobic life that most are aware of consists of simple life forms, […]

    Caribbean Territories Receive Grant to Aid in Eliminating Invasive Lionfish Species

    As a surprising, yet well reported trend, invasive species appear to be popping up around the globe in habitats they were never naturally found.  Here in the US, one of the recent concerns involves the Pterois species lionfish, namely Pterois volitans. This species has purportedly been sustaining itself in Caribbean waters since sometime in the 1990’s, and […]

    Bobtail Squid Proves Vibrio is Not Always the Villain

    Vibrio sp. bacterium has long earned a reputation as being harmful. In our tanks, it has been frequently speculated that Vibrio is an instigating factor in numerous cases of RTN. Researchers have shown that the Hawaiian Bobtail squid (Euprymna scolopes) will regularly utilize Vibrio fisheri within its body to create bioluminescence for protection from predators. The squid are not born with these cultures, but will “gather” them from surrounding waters