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    Update on Anagonbe’s Reef in HD

    Anagonbe’s coralscaped reef is one of the most unique tanks out there–love it or hate it, the mix of vibrant tabling and staghorn Acropora keep your eyes fixated on the screen. Here’s an update of his beautiful reef–notice the large shoal of small Green Chromis (Chromis viridis) that he has recently added.

    New HD Videos of Anagonbe’s Japanese Reef

    Anagonbe’s stunning reef aquarium was a past top selection that has begun to make the rounds on US and European discussion forums and social media platforms. [You can find the original top selection article here: Anagonbe’s SPS Reef from Japan]  We’re glad to see  and happy to report that the reef is still progressing and […]

    New Photos of Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef

    We covered this stunning Japanese Acropora dominated reef tank last month, but these new photos are too good not to share. Enjoy. For more information on this truly incredible aquarium, check out our previous write up: Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef.

    The Alluring Reef of Anagonbe

    Before breaking into this article, I must thank Taka for not only bringing this aquarium to my attention, but also reaching out to Anagonbe for me. Thank you Taka! If you have not guessed by now, Anagonbe is from Japan. (I know, big surprise for me to feature a Japanese reef.) The word “Anagonbe” is […]

    Aqua Rei Photo Contest Shows Off Japanese Reef Hall of Fame

    Thinking of re-aquascaping your tank? A heavy dose of Japanese Reef inspiration awaits you below. From the Archives. This was originally posted in June 8th, 2009.  Aqua Rei, a LFS in Japan put on a Photo Contest for its customers to see who had the best aquarium of all. Fortunately for us it has been […]

    Japan’s Marine Aquarist No.53 an International Affair

    A few months back I mentioned Kiyoshi Endoh’s upcoming issue of Marine Aquarist, No.53, that would feature a bit of Glassbox Design. After some shipping mishaps I’ve finally go my own hard copy–hopefully the lost issues will end up in the hands of an aquarist! In 2009 I was asked by Kiyoshi to write an […]