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    Monthly Archives for January 2011

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Pseudochromis tapeinosoma, an unusual Dottyback from the Indo-Pacific.

    Please welcome Tea Yi Kai to GLASSBOXDESIGN. Known as ‘Lemon’ by friends and family, Tea is currently a Biotech student in Singapore studying molecular genetics and microbiology. Lemon has a deep passion for aquariums and rare fish, in particular Wrasses, Angelfish and Butterflyfish. Pseudochromis tapeinosoma is an unusual and seldom seen dottyback that has made […]

    Feeding Finicky Eaters, A Trick for Angels and Butterflyfish

    Minute by minute, we grow with anticipation during the acclimation process. Maybe immediately after releasing the fish to its new home—or for the truly patient, the next day—we add prepared food in hopes that the new animal eats with vigor. We expect hope the fish takes to the offered food, but step back for a moment […]

    Glassbox Throws A Changeup for 2011

    When I first started Glassbox Design there was nothing like it. A few websites were writing about common domestic products, but no one was writing about the gadgets, livestock and beautiful aquariums that I liked–so I decided to do something about it. Fast forward two and a half years and I am amazed at the […]

    New Forum Azoox.org Embraces the Dark

    Azoox.org is a new forum dedicated to the care of azooxanthellate, or non-photosynthetic, corals. Azoox has a great team behind it and is already showing signs of what a modern forum should be about–knowledge sharing. Most recently IT guru Shane Garber (liquid) implemented api.embed.ly to allow direct embedding of videos, photos, documents and even tweets. […]

    Win A 2011 Blue Harbor Calendar from GBD

    You’ve seen what’s in it, now you’ve got the chance to win your own. We’re giving away a 2011 Blue Harbor calendar compliments of Koji Wada and GBD. Show your friends, family and co-workers just how hardcore of a fish geek you really are. To enter, just leave a comment. Who Can Play: Anyone over […]