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    Monthly Archives for December 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    This Weekend: Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza

    This Saturday and Sunday, NYC’s biggest aquarium event will be taking place on west 37th at Manhattan Aquariums. Many aquarists are not aware that GBD Sponsor, Unique Corals is actually part of Manhattan Aquariums, a highly successful brick and mortar fish store right in the big apple. Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza December 18-19 // 10am […]

    IceCap Suspends Operations, Restructuring In Process

    We regret to inform you that one time lighting stalwart IceCap Inc. has suspended operations. They are currently undergoing a restructuring; working closely with investors, management, and vendors over the next 60 days in hopes of continuing the brand. A restructuring like this and a fresh infusion of capital may be enough to bring this […]

    Peppermint Angelfish Captured on Video

    This is currently the only publicly available video, of the one living Peppermint Angelfish (Paracentropyge boylei). The clip was taken by the rightful owner of the fish, Mr. Uragami of Nagoya, Japan. We thank him for sharing his highly prized Angel. Little has changed with this aquarium. That alone is likely a driver of this […]

    Nature Finds A Way, Pterois Volitans in Summerland Key

    Reader, and owner of Atlantic Reef Aquaculture, Dave Lackland recently caught a marine species he had hoped to never see in his own backyard. This little guy was found in Summerland Key, Florida; approximately 20 miles east of Key West. The species if of course¬†Pterois volitans, the now invasive Lionfish. This juvenile was just at […]

    AI Firmware Update Allows 3 Channel Color Control, Storm Simulation, and Cloud Cover

    Aqua Illumination (AI) has just released a new beta firmware update (3RC7) that now allows control of each color channel (Royal Blue, Blue, and White) for the recently added Sol Blue color option. The addition of the third channel will allow users to better adjust the color temperature and intensity of light entering their aquarium. […]

    Do Genetically Modified Fish Cross the Line?

    We love vibrant colors, and unique patterns. This innate attraction to color, along with a growing interest in sustainability has launched an entire sub-industry of designer fish. We have our Platinum Percs to show for it. The development of “designer fish” (that is to selectively breed fish to develop or enhance specific traits) is frowned […]