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    Monthly Archives for December 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    A Glassbox Look At 2010

    When reflecting back on each year that passes, you realize how quickly it all went by. 2010 was a tumultuous year largely dictated by the macroeconomic environment. For the aquarium industry it was the beginning of what I strongly believe to be the rise of LED lighting. It also put less influence on actual gadgets […]

    Blue Harbor’s 2011 Calendar Brings 12 Months of Eye Candy

    Blue Harbor, a popular fish store and rare fish Mecca in Japan, has just finalized their 2011 Calendar. On a recent visit to the U.S., Koji Wada was kind enough to give me a copy. [I must give a big thank you to LiveAquaria’s Kevin Kohen for shipping it.] Including in the calendar is the […]

    DSPS Video Update: Rare Fish and SPS Eye Candy

    Chingchai is back with a video update of his always immaculate DSPS 1,00g Reef Tank. The rare fish just keep piling in and colored sticks keep growing. Be sure too keep an eye out for the Plectranthias pelicieri and Centropyge resplendens.

    Stunning False Shepardi x Bispinosa Hybrid Angel

    One of the most exciting fish to recently come out of Cebu is the False Shepardi Angelfish. This ‘species’ is actually a cross of the Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loriculus) and the Rusty Angelfish (Centropyge ferrugata). The 50/50 mix creates a hybrid that is nearly indistinguishable from the true Separd’s angel that isĀ found in the waters […]

    Glassbox Lighting: LEDs, LEDs and some JP Metal Halide for Good Measure

    Yesterday, those of you that are following us on Facebook, got a top down glimpse of the glassbox. (If you’re on FB, you can find us here). Included in the image were plenty of LED reflections coming from the light rack up above which spurred questions on what lighting is currently being used. Some you […]

    Short Film ‘Exotic Fish’ Shares the Addiction

    Sean Conaty and Scion AV have put together this incredible clip that shares our addiction with the outside world. If you’ve ever wanted to explain why aquariums and why it’s your passion, this video will certainly help. Two of our favorite quotes are below. Hats off to Sean, Scion (yes the car company) and all […]