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    Monthly Archives for October 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    RIP Paul The Octopus, A World Cup Oracle Dies of Old Age

    A moment of silence please. Meanwhile Ozil and the rest of Germany are celebrating. For those unfamiliar with our Ceph friend, Paul correctly predicted all 7 of Germany’s World Cup matches by opening up the container identified by the winning team’s flag. Despite residing in a German Public Aquarium, Paul correctly identified the better soccer […]

    Arbitrary Coherence and Coral Prices, More Than Supply & Demand

    You know what really grinds my gears? Over priced, eraser tip sized coral fragments. Often people justify these prices by the coral’s popularity–if the corals are overpriced no one would by them, right? There is some validity to that notion, but there is much going on here than what people perceive to be supply and […]

    New BioPellet Reactor by LSS & Reef Octopus

    The latest aquarium product garnering attention in Japan is this BioPellet Reactor design from LSS Laboratory and Reef Octopus. We first saw an early version of of this reactor weeks back with the initial model or prototype in a black color black and featuring a twist on and off top. The reactor has since taken a color change and […]

    ATB Elegance 200 Pro Skimmer: Big Performance, Small Footprint

    Austrian equipment outfit, ATB is out with their newest skimmer model: the ATB Elegance 200 Pro. At 550mm (21.6″) tall and a footprint of just 280 x 230mm (11″ x 9″) this skimmer is aimed at aquarists who require a large skimmer, but not the associated footprint. By placing the ATB Airstar Pro pump inside […]

    Hands on the ATB Mini Airstar v2.0

    The  PSK 2500 based ATB Mini Airstar is dead. The attractive little pump and huge volute was the best PSK 2500 based pump for its time, but has since been laid to rest–and rightfully so. Sicce’s new PSK 600 and PSK 1000 Syncra motor blocks are stronger, more reliable and better built than its past […]

    D-D Jumps on BioPellet Bandwagon With Nutri-Fix Bio Media

    D-D showed off Bioaquatek’s Marine Bio Pearls at MACNA, but we can’t say we’d expect to see that in the future. Deltec / D-D now has their very own biopellet coming to market: Nutri-Fix NP Bio Media. DD’s BioPellet appears to be PHA–a popular choice. It’s fluidization skills are put to test against what looks to […]