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    Monthly Archives for October 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Econo-Flip Flop: H&S to Distribute Bubble Magus

    As if further proof was necessary that the world wide recession has impacted our hobby, German based H&S Aquaristik has announced it will now be distributing Bubble Magus products. H&S is also currently selling them direct–through eBay. On their homepage H&S states that they will distribute and sell all models available. Additionally they will back […]

    Custom ATB Slim Line Skimmer Boasts Double Bubble Plate

    I’m in the process of overhauling some of the basic filtration items on the glassbox, one of which happens to be the skimmer. Not because the current ATB Small External is not good enough, rather, I have a compulsion to try new equipment. I suppose it comes with the territory. Victor at ATB USA has […]

    Jet Engine Tech Keeps LEDs Cool, Just Ask GE

    Making the rounds this week is a GE press release on a new LED downlight that uses “jet engine technology” to enhance cooling and overall efficiency. GE engineers were able to leverage thermal management tech and knowledge gained from their Jet Engine research and apply it to LEDs. To achieve this efficiency GE is using […]

    Archiquarium is a Modern Two-Story Goldfish Display

    This split level corian made box is not your run of the mill aquarium. Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Ankarberg has put his own stamp on aquaria with this simple fish tank named the Archiquarium. Although not aimed at the salty side of the hobby, the contemporary window pane viewing of the split level Archiquarium adds interest […]

    ‘Full Barred’ Captive Bred Latezonatus Clownfish from Karen Brittain

    Look out Latz lovers! Amphiprion latezonatus, commonly known as the wide-band or Latezonatus clownfish, is one of the most desired yet least obtainable species for anemonefish enthusiasts. Their characteristic wide center stripe that broadens with age, distinguishes them from every other species of clownfish. Wild collected “Latz”, as they are affectionately known, have trickled into […]

    Gramma Sprungi, The Brazilian Gramma You’ve Never Seen

    Just a few months ago, Gramma dejongi was the newest rare fish on the block. With Dejongi’s moment in the spotlight came renewed interest and discussions related to the Gramma genus and a potentially new species that has yet to be identified. We first got word of this rumored fish from a friend in Brazil who pointed us […]