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    Monthly Archives for August 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    The Influence of Aquarium Filtration on DOC, Seen with UV 254 Analysis

    Editors Note:Please welcome Matt Wandell to Glassbox. Matt works as an Aquatic Biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium where¬†he is responsible for many exhibits including this striking Deepwater Reef. Matt is an extremely knowledgeable biologist and aquarists and we thank him for this piece on Dissolved Organic Carbon. One of the most exciting developments in reef […]

    Marineland Reef Capable LED Lights Unveiled

    Our friends over at 3reef have shared a slew of images on the upcoming “Reef Capable” LED lights from Marineland. The unit is sure to be popular given Marinelands massive distribution, but alas we’re a bit let down in initial PAR numbers from the manufacturer. While PAR is not the end all, be all–the numbers […]

    Fish Evolve in Just 2 Years, Adapt to Cooler Temp

    A recent study provides evidence of fish “evolution” in just two years as the Marine Stickleback fish was found to adapt to temperatures 2.5 C cooler than their first generation counterparts. Via ScienceDaily: “Measuring three to 10 centimetres, stickleback fish originated in the ocean but began populating freshwater lakes and streams following the last ice […]

    Battle of the Pinks: DD AquaPink PowerChrome or ATI Purple Plus?

    Dan Flavin’s “Re-imagining Architecture with Fabricated Light” series inadvertently portrays blue dominated reef lighting well. It was just about the blues; now suddenly it’s the pinks. After the success of the KZ Fiji Purple and the just-off-the-mark ATI ProCoral, pink is becoming the new actinic–that is after actinic became the new daylight. D-D / Giesemann […]

    Phytoplankton Blooms: Nature’s Beautiful Fractals

    Betsy Mason over at WIRED recently put together a recent gallery of NASA satellite images showing phytoplankton blooms across the world. The resulting photographs shame any fractal geometry program you’ve ever seen. Mason writes, “Satellite data is one of the only ways to study them. Different species of phytoplankton change the way the ocean reflects […]

    Price Drops 20% on NP BioPellets

    NP BioPellets originator, Reef Interests / DVH Imports has reduced pricing on their pellet product by 20%, with the same drop trickling down to aquarists. This is a brave move considering the Euro’s recent rapid descent, but we’re not complaining. A less expensive price makes for a happy reefer. Previously 500ml and 1,000mL of NP […]