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    Monthly Archives for August 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Vortech MP10w ES Giveaway Ends Tomorrow

    A fresh reminder that our clutter contest to win a new Vortech MP10W ES, ends tomorrow at 10PM Central. Snap a photo of your cord mess, or Vortech cleanliness, leave a comment and get a chance to win. Check it out: GBD Giveaway, Win a Vortech MP10w ES.

    Lembeh Nudi Film Tribute

    There’s much more to Nudibranchs that “Monti Nudis”. Here are some striking Nudibranchs from Lembeh, set to music by Damien Rice. In general its best to watch these creatures in nature given their highly specific diets and special care requirements. These beautiful animals were captured by Markus Yong using a Canon 550D (T2i) and 60m […]

    ORA Acropora Solitaryensis Released

    Check out ORA’s latest coral, the ORA Solitaryensis. This unique tabling coral grows multiple tiers or fused branches, while exhibiting purple tips on a tan/green base.

    Tiny 2cm Juvenile Genicanthus Personatus Collected!

    Over the weeked I got word rebreather pro Rufus Kimura would be making some deep dives in hope of catching a Masked Angel. I woke this morning to an e-mail from Rufus confirming the tiny catch, and a video he took of the pint sized Masked Angel. At just over 2 cm, this is believed to […]

    Mini Fridge + Dosing Pump = Azoox Continuous Feeder

    As Azooxanthellate (“Azoox”) corals become more and more popular, so will automated feeding systems such as this. This regrigerated dosing set up was put together by Michael Lucazyn for his stunning Non-Photosynthetic Reef. Mike’s continuious feeder was inspired by Steve Weast’s set up, with a bit of insight from Matt Wandell on the venturi. In […]

    Senske ‘Scapes with Hakkai Stones, A True Gift from Amano

    Jeff Senske of the Aquarium Design Group (ADG) has recently completed the first American Aquascape using Hakkai stones from Japan. Thanks for us, Jeff captured and shared his work in the video above. For marine aquarists discussing these stones sounds as foreign as Plectranthias does to our fellow freshwater hobbyists–but take note; there is a […]