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    Monthly Archives for July 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Avast Marine DIY Cone Skimmer Makes Conical Affordable

    Building on their DIY-kit product line, Avast Marine has introduced their affordable CS1 DIY Cone Skimmer Kit. At $160 + $65 for a Sicce PSK 2500 pump the skimmer is an absolute steal–but it won’t come assembled. That part is up to you. Avast will provide you with literally everything you need to build this […]

    Coral Reefs in danger from US Senators?! Jeff Greene’s Reef-Yacht-Disaster

    Unless you’ve been living in a pineapple under the sea for the past 20 years (did I really just reference that?!), you’ve seen, heard, or read, that our wild coral reefs are in danger. Environmental acidification, malicious destruction, non-native invaders—all issues that we are concerned and focused on. However, it appears we may be omitting […]

    Emaco R400 Architectural Cement Is An Aquascaper’s Best Friend

    One of my favorite Aquascaping tools that I’ve ever used is Thorite Cement. It has proven to be reef safe in small quantities (still use caution and your brains when adding to an aquarium). Many people, including public aquariums, have used this with success to create large, stable rock structures. Simply put, it is a […]

    Elos Osmocontroller Digital Arriving Soon

    The new Elos Osmocontroller Digital was unveiled months back at InterZoo; keeping to their delivery timelines, Elos now expects a small shipment of these to hit retailers in the next couple weeks, with more arriving in September. The new Osmocontroller Digital will be replacing the popular Elos Osmocontroller II, which has been the de facto […]

    Dutch Government Backed Coral Nursery to Launch

    The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and aquarium company EcoDeco BV have teamed up to create one of the most promising aquaculture plans to date. Tim Wijgerde of Coral Science writes, “Soon, a small-scale coral nursery will be established near Utrecht, The Netherlands, with two test systems having a total volume of 33,600 liters (8,842 USG). […]

    Vitrea Gets U.S. Distributors, More Italian Aquariums & Lighting Coming

    The small Italian based aquarium manufacturer Vitrea will soon be represented in the United States by Vitrea USA, based out of La Jolla, California. The Italian parent company is extremely small in size and we don’t expect the USA partner to make nearly the impact as say Elos or even Giesemann, but it’s hard to […]