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    Monthly Archives for July 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    New ATI Purple Plus T5 Lamp

    Say hello to the new ATI Purple Plus T5 lamp. ATI’s answer to the popular KZ Fiji Purple provides a blue spectrum that mirrors ATI’s Blue Plus lamp, but also provides some nice warm spikes in the 600 – 700 range. What’s interesting is ATI’s revamped website no longer lists their ATI Pro Color. The […]

    Scientific Nomenclature… Why Speak Latin?

    Cirrhilaburs marjorie is named after Biologist Marj Awai About, oh a hundred million years ago, aquarists started arguing which method is better to identify the animals they care for: scientific nomenclature or common names.  That’s a little excessive, but it does feel that way.  This battle has seemingly escalated into a war, whenever it is […]

    Lynx Nudibranch Gets Vimeo HD Placement

    Coral Morphologic’s recent video capturing a Lynx Nudibranch (Phidiana lynceus) while is sucks down hydroids atop of an oyster (Spondylus americanus), just got placed on Vimeo’s HD channel. For those unfamiliar with Vimeo, their staff picks the best of the best HD videos and aggregates them here. The Morphologic crew’s stunning clip recently received this […]

    Do Freshwater Seahorses Exist?

    There are many tales out there of the mythical freshwater seahorse and for the FW crowd, it’s an extremely exciting myth! At this point it doesn’t look promising, but there is still a chance. In 1916 Hippocampus aimei was described by Roule, but no fisherman in the area of its supposed collection had ever seen […]

    First Photos of Elos PO4 Expert Line Chart

    You’re looking at the first image of the finalized Elos Expert Line Phosphate (PO4) Test Kit “resolution chart”. The colorimetric based kit  [h/t Sev] uses two test tubes, one of which is a control, that are slid into the simple foam folder. To find the actual measurement the user then looks directly down the tubes […]

    ORA Spotted Mandarins Take Down Nutramar Ova in New Video

    ORA recently shared this video of their tiny captive raise Spotted Mandarin Gobies taking down a large piece of frozen Nutramar Ova. ORA Mandarins do eat prepared foods, but don’t expect these tiny juveniles to take to them as readily as ORA’s equally popular clowns. It should go without saying–these Mandarins, and all new additions, […]