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    Monthly Archives for June 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    GB Deals : ZEOvit June Sale, LeDio, Archohelia rediviva, Red Demon Pinwheel, Elos MIDI

    Check out these great deals from Premium Aquatics, Aquarium Specialty, Reef Odyssey and some MIDI news from Elos USA.

    Move Over Chalice, Australomussa rowleyensis is Here

    Australomussa rowleyensis is the latest colorful coral import that is sure to become as desireable as Acans of the past and Chalices of the present. LiveAquaria recently shared this quad Australomussa photo and the tie dye specimen in the lower right corner is already creating chatter among LPS coral “collectors”. I’m not a big LPS […]

    X-Aqua’s X-Inout Device Arrives to US

    Italian aquarium co. X-Aqua recently showed off their wares in Nuremburg as part of InterZoo and already their products are trickling in. A proper hat tip to ┬áCaptive Aquatics is in order for their unboxing pictures. As the name implies, the X-Inout gets water in the aquarium from the sump and back to it, serving […]

    WavePoint’s 35w Xenon HID Spotlight “Coming Soon”

    WavePoint has a new 35w HID spotlight that the company says is “coming soon”. The lamp used is actually a 35w Xenon gas discharge bulb, commonly used in cars. Angel eyes not included. The entire fixture is actually not very new at all. It has been available in Japan for sometime under the Aqua System […]

    Florida Marlins Plan Home Plate, Back-Stop Aquarium at New Stadium

    Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria seems to think aquariums and baseball are a natural marriage. So much so that the Marlin’s new stadium is slated to have an aquarium on the ground that wraps behind homeplate, serving as a back-stop between the field and the fans. The tank is said to be made from 1.5″ […]

    Reef Writing Etiquette & Blogonomics: Stop the Scraping

    A growing trend on forums, aquarium club websites, and even the mothership that is MASNA is the unfortunate act of scrapping. Scraping is when you copy and paste an article, or republish an RSS feed that you don’t own, on to another website. For writers who provide content like myself, it’s quite annoying. Imagine if […]