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    Monthly Archives for June 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Move Over 2500, Sicce PSK 600 and PSK 1000 are the New Skimmer Pumps

    Following up from Sicce’s popular Syncra line, the Italian pump manufacturer has added onto their PSK series, officially pushing the popular Sicce PSK 2500 pump into the shadows of 2009. The new PSK-line additions include PSK 1000 (880gph) and the PSK 600 (661gph).  These pumps take some construction cues from the Syncra line, with a […]

    Fascinating Squat Urchin Shrimp in HD Video

    The Squat Urchin shrimp (Gnathophylloides mineri) is a fascinating invert that most aquarists would glance over or never see. This is not the case with Coral Morphologic’s latest HD video showing the ornate animal among the branches of its host urchin. At just milimeters in length Colin and Jared give a unique macro view of this […]

    Arcadia Eco-Aqua LED Tubes Replace T8 Fluorescents

    Cheer up England, you may have just had your worst World Cup exit, as predicted by an Octopus, but on the brighter side of things you you can now replace your old T8s with Arcadia’s Eco-Aqua LED tubes. Okay, maybe that’s not much solace, but you’re crazy is you sack Capello. If he couldn’t do […]

    Sybon Probe and Digital Temp Firesale at Premium Aquatics

    Premium Aquatics is having a fire sale on some overstocked Sybon instruments. If you need a new pH probe or digital thermometer you’re in luck. First up is the Sybon Lab Grade pH Probe. PA has says this is one of the best pH probes they’ve used, but with too many in stock, they are going […]

    Gramma dejongi Captured with High Res Photos and HD Video

    Gramma dejongi – a still image from the video below Gramma dejongi is a new, yet to be officially described Caribbean basslet from Cuba. The recently discovered fish is named after Arie de Jong of the famed Dutch outfit, De Jong Marinelife. Arie has a habit of finding the rare and unusual, and this Gramma […]

    RoboSnail Wants to Clean Your Aquarium: More Info on the Aqua-Roomba

    Remember the RoboSnail–that roomba-like automated aquarium cleaner? Yeah, we spoke with the inventor and AquaGenesis President Milan Rafailovich to see get more information on the product and see  (1) if the product is really applicable and (2) what it can actually do. The first question that came to mind when first seeing the RoboSnail was […]