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    Monthly Archives for May 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    New SWC Extreme NP Bio Media

    SWC is joining in on the carbon based biopellet rush with their new SWC Extreme NP Bio Media. Like the many other new biopellets that are already, or will soon be, on the market, the SWC Bio Media is a biodegradable substrate which provides a carbon based ‘food’ to grow nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria. […]

    USFWS Seizes 326 Seahorses For Improper Paperwork

    Australian news outlets are reporting that a man’s shipment of live Seahorses which originated from Australia and destined for a Florida wholesaler have been confiscated by US Fish and Wildlife Service, after an Australian customs agent failed to include the number of seahorses being shipped. In total, 326 seahorses worth an estimated $3,600 USD are […]

    Steinhart’s Anthias Dominated Deep Reef in HD

    Last week I found myself in San Francisco which allowed for a quick browsing of the Steinhart Aquarium and the rest of the California Academy of Sciences. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Steinhart Biologists and aquarium pros, Rich Ross and Matt Wandell who showed me some of the behind the scene tanks […]

    Reef Odyssey’s Scolymia australis is BRIGHT

    I’ve been away the past week or so, completely removed from the connected world. Apparently some coastal towns in California do not have cell phone signals or high speed internet. No 3g, edge or even wifi, gasp! As I’ve re-entered civilization I’ve been inundated with reefing news and unique stories. That said, this stunning Scolymia […]

    New TMC AquaBeam 1500XG Packs 10 Cree XP-Gs

    American reefers may have just begun seeing the TMC Aquabeam 1000HD, but UK based Tropical Marine Centre has just shown their latest addition to their Aquabeam line–the 1500XG–at this years InterZoo. As we reported back in February, TMC began experimenting with Cree’s latest LED and the Aquabeam 1500XG Ultima is the result. The Aquabeam 1500XG […]

    Aqua Light Couples Fiber Optics with LED Aquarium Lights

    German based Aqua Light has included a ‘fiber optic’ bar with its latest Eco Light high intensity LED aquarium light, to allow complete control and directability. This light was revealed to the public at InterZoo 2010, but many questions still remain on the usability of this design. The standard Aqua Light Eco Light LED luminaire […]