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    Monthly Archives for April 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    NpX Bio Beads, Denitrification Pellets with an X ?

    NpX Bio Beads are a new name, but are apparently not a new product. Canada based Oceanic Corals is now sourcing these denitrification beads from a “trusted manufacturer”. They openly state, “NpX Bio-Beads are produced by the identical manufacturer as the “other” European brand”. It’s not a real secret what these beads are or that […]

    Next Reef SMR1 NP Biopellet Reactor

    Next Reef has come out with a new specialized reactor for NP Biopellets, or similar biodegradable medias.┬áThe SMR1 NP holds 1 liter of np biopellets and a suggested flow rate of 350 gph. The input and output sizes have been pumped up to 5/8″ (compared to 1/2″ in the MR1 media reactor) for less restriction, […]

    LiveAquaria’s New Captive Grown Super Blue Tenuis is BLUE

    You’re looking at LiveAquaria’s upcoming May captive grown coral–the LA Super Blue Tenuis. Grown out from a colony originally collected in the waters of Australia, this super blue Acropora tenuis has lived up to its name–coloring up tremendously in captivity. We expect to see the first captive grown frags hit Diver’s Den on May 3rd. […]

    FedEx to Provide Real Time, Web Based, Vital Stats with SenseAware

    In the not so distant future companies will begin tracking shipments with near-real-time data and vital stats on their package, such as temperature or tempering with a package. This is capable thanks to FedEx’s new SenseAware module, described as a ‘quad band world phone’. This innovation will allow web based tracking in which users can […]

    Atlantic Reef Aquaculture’s Reusable Shipping Containers

    Just last week I had a chat with a few friends about cleaner, reusable ways to ship and transport corals. Much like we use reusable bags for grocery shopping, reusable containers for aquacultured corals (at a retail & hobbyist level) will eventually happen. Specimen containers have recently rose in popularity to transport frags, but check […]

    Stunning Japanese Aquariums From CP Farm

    Most of you have probably stumbled across at least one of these images–these beautiful aquariums set up by CP Farm Japan continue to provide inspiration to aquarists around the world for their vibrant colors and balanced aquascapes. I’d also add that I believe these aquariums have largely influenced the popularity of Apogon and Zoramia species.It […]