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    Monthly Archives for April 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Gulf Oil Spill Estimates Increase 5 Fold, US Offshore Drilling Questioned

    Last week the Deepwater Horizon semi-submerisble oil rig exploded and subsequently sank on April 22, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, 50 miles southeast of Venice, Louisiana. The image above was taken by NASA, clearly depicting the oil slick. Just yesterday the NOAA declared the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill of 2010  a Spill of National […]

    Sneak Peek at New Larger Elos LED Light

    This blurry blown up image is the latest LED aquarium light from Elos. The animated GIF file below, was published by French Elos dealer NeoQuarium. In typical Elos fashion they are remaining tight lipped about their new products before the big show–InterZoo–while teasing us with new functionality and a larger model. What can we tell […]

    5 Reasons NOT to Buy “Japanese” Corals

    Recently livestock retailers have begun using the J word again–“Japanese”. In this industry if you add Japanese, Australian or Deepwater before any animal, a premium pricetag is married to the name. Very rarely do these animals live up their marketing description and in some cases that’s a good thing, because they may put someone behind bars. If you see a coral labeled as Japanese, outside of Japan, be wary. Here’s why

    Mixing Butterflyfish is Never Easy, Glassbox Banks on New Fish

    People are often attracted to butterflyfish when they see them swimming in  pairs. There is something natural about seeing two of them side by side; the sum is certainly greater than the parts. On paper one would think keeping pairs or groups of butterflies would be easy. Some species are even “monogamous”, but like humans, […]

    Stylophora Eating Baby Brine in HD

    Watch as the stony coral Stylophora pistillata catches and ingests Artemia nauplii, commonly referred to as baby brine shrimp. Be sure to watch in HD and hats off to Coral Publications in the Netherlands for sharing this clip on YouTube.

    New ReefRay Coral Shine LED Pendant from Japan

    ReefRay’s Coral Shine is the latest LED aquarium light to hit Japan. The small pendant fires light from 18 Cree XR-E LEDs drawing 3w each for a total of 54w, plus driver losses. The units come in three standard color temperatures using cool white and royal blue LEDs: 100% White, 50W/50B and 100% Blue. Custom […]