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    Monthly Archives for February 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Aberrant Flame Angels Hit Japan, Lack Black Pigment

    Japan based retailer Crownfish has received an array of Central Pacific and Hawaiian fish, but these aberrant Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loriculus) are stealing the show–based on their ¥195,000 ($2,100 USD) price tag Crownfish is well aware. Unfortunately, abberant morphs like this rarely keep their color, but we can hope. The fish do show some black […]

    Japan’s Marine Aquarist No.53 an International Affair

    A few months back I mentioned Kiyoshi Endoh’s upcoming issue of Marine Aquarist, No.53, that would feature a bit of Glassbox Design. After some shipping mishaps I’ve finally go my own hard copy–hopefully the lost issues will end up in the hands of an aquarist! In 2009 I was asked by Kiyoshi to write an […]

    Photo of Aquarium Captures Child’s Imagination

    The little girl stared in awe. When I first saw this image I saw a bit of myself. It brought back memories of my first time at the Shedd Aquarium and then my first time exploring a coral reef. Young or old, male or female, I think most aquarists can remember a similar time in […]

    Diving Palau Pt 1 : Sharks at Blue Corner

    Palau is one of those mystical places divers dream about; one of those places that redefines how you look at the underwater world.  As I left Chicago, I was full of excitement, but wondered: could Palau live up to the hype?  Put simply, yes. Palau is an island nation located about 500 miles east of […]

    Vertex Lumina LED Light to Ship in March

    GBD has been informed that Vertex’s new Lumina LED aquarium light will begin shipping in March. The unit which we profiled last month will feature 16 LEDs per light engine, consisting of 8 white, 4 blue and 4 royal blue LEDs. Additionally, the unit will pack wireless connectivity to your home computer allowing ample control. […]

    Vintage Nikonos 1 Underwater Camera Surfaces

    The Nikonos 1, originally known as the Calypso, changed the world of photography and marine science. Designed by and for Jacques Cousteau, with the help of Nikon, it was the first underwater camera, capable of capturing still ocean life images at up to 165ft. Upon its release in 1961, it was a state of the […]