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    Monthly Archives for February 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Last Day to Enter : Win a Vertex Mocean Wavemaker

    A reminder for our readers–today is the last day to enter the GBD giveaway to win a Vertex Mocean 2000 oscillating wavemaker. The Vertex Mocean turns your aquarium return into a rotating wavemaker, capable of turning 360 degrees and able to handle 2,000gph of flow. To enter become see the giveaway page: GBD | Become […]

    3 New Must See Reef Tank Videos on YouTube

    Recently there have been some impressive new reef themed videos popping up on YouTube. Here are three vids we enjoyed that are sure to provide eye candy and inspiration as we head into the weekend. Check ’em out. Robertus’ Reef Ruji’s Reef Adrian Thiessen’s Reef

    Michael Lukaczyn’s Stunning Azoox Reef

    When it comes to color, shape and texture, Michael Lukaczyn’s azooxanthellate (non-photosynthetic) rimless reef aquarium competes with the best. This simple, well aquscaped, 50g glassbox houses animals that were once considered impossible to keep. Today we believe Mike’s tank will inspire new modern spins on non-photosynthetic reef displays. Tank Specs: Cadights Artisan series 50 gallon […]

    New England Aquarium Shows Off Captive Raised Queen Trigger in Video

    The New England Aquarium and Roger Williams University made another industry first last year–this time by successfully spawning and rearing the Queen Triggerfish (Balistes vetula). Dr. Andrew Rhyne, Dr.Michael Tlusty and the team at Roger Williams collected fertilized eggs from a pair of Queens living in the New England Aquarium’s Bahamian exhibit and transported them […]

    Baensch Paper Published on Hawaiian Resplendent

    Years back Frank Baensch of RCT was the first to successfully breed Centropyge resplendens (2004) and Centropyge fisheri (2001), and then subsequently hybridize the two in 2006. In nature the two fish would never cross paths, but with a little help from Mr. Baensch the Hawaiian Resplendent Angelfish was born. Today RCT is no longer […]

    Vitrea’s Beautiful LED Light Gets Knocked Off with Zetlight

    We suppose it was only a matter of time for Vitrea Orbital LED fixture to fall victim to copies, but this time it’s from an unknown source–Hong Kong based Zetlight. ¬†¬†Shown above we have the original, Italian designed fixture. Below we have the Zetlight, a newcomer to the LED market. Zetlight is a new manufacturer […]