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    Monthly Archives for January 2010

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Taxonomic Mixup Leaves the Flapper Skate on Edge of Extinction

    While the jury is still out regarding the “necessity” of taxonomy in our microcosm of this hobby, it obviously plays a role in the academic field of science. However, recently it reared its head into the world of conservation, and sadly, not for the better. creative commons : eol Ichthyologists frequently use a method known […]

    Biodegradable Golf Balls To Feed Koi Ponds Near You

    Did you know than an estimated 3,000,000 golf balls are lost or discarded each year? More often than not they are outdoors, or even worse… in the local pond or lake. Spanish outfit Albus Golf has created a comical ‘solution’ to this with their EcobioBall–a biodegradable golfball that is packed with fish food in the […]

    Super Reef Octopus (SRO) XP 1000S HOB Cone Skimmer

    Another Conical HOB skimmer is making its way to production via the Super Reef Octopus XP 1000S. This skimmer is not easy on the eyes (red acrylic in the tank?!), but the design has promise. After all it is basically an external skimmer fitted on a hang on the back (HOB) stand. It also signifies […]

    Giesemann IQ Rimless Nano: Looks Good, Priced High

    Giesemann has recently launched their IQ Nano aquarium, aimed at the freshwater plated and nano-reef crowd. The tank itself measure in at 400 x 400 x 400mm (16.74″) holding roughly 17 gallons (65 liters) of water. The IQ features a built in overflow and return, both of which are drilled through the bottom and can […]

    New Polychaete Derived AquaThrive Food is Fish Approved

    AquaThrive is a new dry aquarium feed unlike any other. Using a patented process, the pellets are made from fresh cultured (Terebellid) Polychaete worms. This is a sustainable alternative to fish meal which dominates the fish food industry. It also may prove more valuable to specialized Polychaete feeders such as some Butterflyfish species… hence I […]

    Maxspect G2 LED Light To Feature Cree XP-Gs and Custom Color Mods

    It’s not just a rumor anymore. China based LED Light manufacturer Maxspect will be rolling out two versions of their improved G2 (Generation 2) LED light, one of which will feature Cree XP-Gs as the white light source for increased efficiency, while blue light will be handled their current encapsulated SemiLEDs. The XP-G model will […]