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    Monthly Archives for December 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    A Look Back: 2009’s Biggest Reef Aquaria Stories, Trends and Topics

    It’s hard to believe the roller coaster ride of 2009 is coming to an end. Sure the economy nearly melted, and at times the reefing industry screeched to a near halt, but overall it wasn’t that bad. Whether you see the glass half empty or half full, there is no question that the hobby has […]

    Holiday Giveaway from GBD and LiveAquaria

    I’d like to thank our readers for a tremendous year here at GBD. It has been great writing, interacting and meeting so many new people, all whom share the same passion and love for aquariums. In light of the holiday season and 2009 coming to a wrap,  we’re offering a giveaway that hopefully will appeal […]

    Amphiprion mccullochi from LiveAquaria in HD Video

    When it comes to rare fish, Amphiprion mccullochi is a great example of sustainability within the trade. The fish shown in this video are actually first generation captive raised specimens from Ryan’s Reef in Australia. They were then grown out and paired up by Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria crew. Today they spawn like clockwork, […]

    First Photos of ATB’s Nano Option: The “Mikro” Full Cone Skimmer

    Here’s a look at ATB’s newest cone skimmer that has been designed with the nano reef crowd in mind. This skimmer stands just 18.5″ tall (47 cm) and has a footprint, including the pump, of just 7.8″ x 11.8″ (20 x 30cm). At this time we are unsure of the name this model will bear, but […]

    CAD Lights Rimless Set Up Looks Good, Priced Better

    Just a few years ago $500 would not go very far towards a rimless aquarium, let alone one made from starphire. That’s changed with CAD Lights’ new Artisan series of aquariums. For just over 5 bills you can get a 50g starphire rimless, reef ready aquarium with a dark walnut stand. While this tank is […]

    New BlueSkim Protein Skimmers from Fauna Marin

    These are the first hands on photos of Fauna Marin’s new BlueSkim Protein Skimmer. Not much is known about the sizing or stats on this new series. What we do know is the skimmer can be completely disassembled for cleaning, it’s powered by an AquaBee pump with a modified meshwheel, and lastly… it’s pretty expensive. […]