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    Monthly Archives for November 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    New Octopus HOB Skimmers Coming with Bubble Blaster Pumps

    Coral Vue / Octopus is working on two new hang on (HOB) skimmers that utilize their askoll like bubble blaster pump. The larger LX-2000 model shown above features the bubble blaster pump mounted externally. This design does add back pressure to the pump, reducing air intake–but over the past few years HOB skimmers have not […]

    Suspected Banks x Guyanensis Hybrid Butterflyfish Collected in Florida

    Just last week a striking fish was collected that blurred the lines of the Prognathodes genus. Some may suspect that this fish is just a variant of the rare Prognathodes guyanensis, but others, including myself, believe this fish to be a hybrid of P. guyanensis and P. aya. It is a very difficult call, and […]

    GBD Sits Down with Reefing Pioneer Julian Sprung

    Over the past 20 years, Julian Sprung has been and still is one of the most influential figures in marine aquaria. From his original and inspiring 15g SPS nano reef , to his three part The Reef Aquarium series he wrote with Charles Delbeek, Julian is truly a pioneer in both the hobby and industry. […]

    Unique Corals Black Friday Sale

    Unique Corals is joining in on today’s shopping mania with a great Black Friday sale: 25% off all WYSIWYG Colonies! (SPS, LPS, Zoas, Softies, Fish & Inverts) Coupon Code: BLACK25 10% off all WYSIWYG Frags! Coupon Code: FRIDAY10 Both of these deals are good until Sunday Midnight EST, 11/28/2009. Check ’em out–they’ve still got some […]

    Heliofungia Commensal Shrimp

    Periclimenes kororensis is a rarely seen commensal shrimp that lives among the swaying tentacles of Heliofungia sp., commonly known as Plate Corals. Two of these shrimp recently made their way to LiveAquaria, where I had the opportunity to photograph them. Not much is known about their care, but it is expected that they have requirements […]

    Aquarium Specialty Thanksgiving Sale–10% Off

    Another heads up for some holiday savings. GBD Sponsor, Aquarium Specialty is having their Thanksgiving sale, which means everything is 10% off using the coupon code “gobble10” at checkout (except sale items and gift certs). Check it out, they’ve got some great new products in… including NP BioPellets.