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    Monthly Archives for October 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Cryogenically Frozen Coral for the Future?

    The London Zoological society is now in the initial planning stages of a world “coral cryobank”, a short hand reference for the cryogenic technology they’ll use to freeze numerous coral species to preserve them for the future. This is possible thanks to the work of Craig Downs of the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory who found a […]

    Redesigned Aqua Illumination LED Pops Up at Reefapalooza

    This past weekend the newly redesigned Aqua Illumination LED fixture made an appearance at Reefapalooza (RAP). We’ve shared with you renderings and more recently the news that this fixture will be further modified to accept the new Cree XP-G LED. But this weekend was the first time it has been seen in person–no one is […]

    Reefapalooza 2009 in Photos

    This past weekend SCMAS hosted had their very own reef event–Reefapalooza, at the O.C. Fair & Event Center. If you were unable to make it, like myself, we’ve got you covered thanks to the photo work of GBD contributor Ian Borchert. After talking with many people the conclusion seems to be it was a great, […]

    Aqua Illumination to use new Cree XP-G for ~30% more light!

    The freshly redesigned Aqua Illumination LED aquarium light we first shared with you weeks back, is getting more updates than initially thought, thanks to the recent commercial availability of the new Cree XP-G LED. Previously Aqua Illumination utilized the Cree XR-E;  a proven performer and robust LED for high output situations. Now Cree has bested […]

    Researchers Find Coral Reefs to be Worth $172 Billion

    Researchers have released an interesting valuation study at the Diversitas Conference in Capetown, South Africa. The study aims to put a price tag on coral reefs–something that is much easier said than done. The study found that on average, one hectare (10,000 square meters) of coral reef provided humans with $130,000 annually in services–but this […]

    M. filiferus puts the Mega in Meganthias

    Many hobbyists consider the Holanthias genus to be the bull headed oddity of the Serranidae family. While this may be true,  the Meganthias genus makes Holanthias look like  dwarves!  The Meganthias genus was first “created” by Randall and Heemstra in 2006, based off two species previously described: Meganthias natalensis from South Africa (photo above) and […]