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    Monthly Archives for October 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Happy Halloween Ricordea Style

    Halloween is tomorrow. Kids rejoice and parents cringe as thousands of American little ones get more sugar into their bloodstream than they have had in the prior 6 months combined. For aquarists it doesn’t mean much–really nothing at all. Maybe you get to show off your tank if you’re hosting a Halloween party, but that’s […]

    Randall’s Fish Photos, The Ultimate Gallery of Marine Fish

    Dr. John E. Randall has described roughly 600 new species of marine fish–making him the father of reef-fish ichthyology. Thankfully his numerous papers can be found through searches like Google Scholar (and hopefully soon DeepDyve). If it’s eye candy that you’re after the Bishop Museum has an impressive gallery of nearly all of Jack’s fish! […]

    The Vibrant Candycane Goby (Trimma cana)

    Just 5 years ago small marine gobies of the Trimma genus were a rare sight in the industry. Long ignored by both collectors and hobbyists it has been fairly recent that these small, inquisitive fishes have become available on a regular basis. One such species, is the red stripped or candycane goby (Trimma cana). T. canna posing […]

    Chingchai’s Latest HD DSPS 1200g Reef Video

    Here’s the latest video update of Chingchai Uekrongtham’s world class 1200g SPS reef. It has now been filled with corals and fish from his previous tank–including rare fish such as Centropyge interupta, Centropyge respendens, Zebrasoma gemmatum, and Pseudanthias ventralis. Well done Ching, you’ve raised the the bar for aquarists around the world.

    Get Your Geek On, DeepDyve Launches iTunes Inspired 99 cent Scientific Papers

    Unless you’re at a University, access to scientific papers can be troublesome and expensive. Different online academic paper vendors do sell them–but at a cost ranging from $10 to over $80 it is unrealistic. For aquarists seeking information or doing research this can be a significant hurdle to overcome. Now a new website has launched […]

    EcoTech Marine Video Contest

    EcoTech Marine has kicked off their first video contest and is giving away some of their high flow, pico sized Vortech MP10 Pumps. Take a video of your Vortech powered reef and submit it via the form linked below. Winners will be highlighted in the media gallery of EcoTechMarine.com. So get out the camera, let […]