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    Monthly Archives for September 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    MACNA XXI : LiveAquaria’s Display, a Rare Fish Dream

    In typical fashion, Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria.com crew bought an impressive line up of fish and corals to their MACNA displays. Back from Atlanta (MACNA 2008) was the three tiered zero edge system featuring a plethora of captive of corals and some striking fish such as a harem of 1.5″ Multicolor Angelfish (Centropyge multicolor), […]

    MACNA XXI : New LET Lighting Modular T5 System

    Leading Edge Technology Lighting has unveiled a new Modular T5 lighting system for marine and reef aquariums at MACNA XXI. LET states their new modular design offers the highest output of any T5 lighting fixtures currently available. Taking a different spin on the T5 lighting market, LET has created a two bulb modular system that […]

    MACNA XXI : Ushio 14k G12 Metal Halide

    Here at MACNA, Ushio has revealed their latest metal halide development–a 150w 14k G12 lamp. For those unfamiliar with the term, G12 refers to the base of the lamp. In this case it is a two pronged lamp and is much small in size than the standard DE 150w MH that most aquarists know. This […]

    And We’re Off to MACNA 2009

    It’s 4 am. My bags are packed and I am about to head out the door to fly out to the 21st Marine Aquarium Conference of North America in Atlantic City, New Jersey. If you will not be at MACNA, don’t fret. We’ll have ample coverage of the best products, livestock and discussions taking place at […]

    I Spy a Photon Linea LED Prototype

    Just a few days ago Aqua Photon showed off a prototype Photon Linea LED fixture at a marine aquarium conference in Berlin. Here are some exclusive photos from the event along with brief details. The Photon Linea LED prototype currently being tested and there is no guarantee that the light will hit full production, but […]

    First Photos of Profilux III Released

    The Profilux III has been existed in conversation and on paper, but for the first time we can see the physical product with our eyes.  There’s not much to say at this point outside of the manufacturer specs. Some feature highlights include: Dosing Pump control 1-10v dimming control DALI dimming control Tunze, Aqua Illumination, TMC […]