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    Monthly Archives for August 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Warner Marine Ultimate Snow

    Warner Marine has released a new reef supplement–Ultimate Snow. Based on the description, and to be frank the blue bottle too, it sounds just like ZEOvit’s Coral Snow. Warner states the product is a blend of multiple carbonate based “micro-fine particles” that increases skimming efficiency, clears water, and acts as a nutrient transporter when paired […]

    Urban Aquaculture, A Local Answer to Sustainable Seafood?

    The latest trend for the environmental sustainability has been to bring food sources closer to densely populated areas, e.g. cities. I am academically trained in finance and economics, as such I am a big proponent of specialization leading to simple economies of scale. For urban food programs like this to be successful they must make […]

    Chingchai’s Huge SPS Build on Video

    Chingchai already has two of the best reef aquariums known to the world. We showed you his rarely seen soft coral reef display earlier this year, thanks to Mike Cliffords trip to Thailand–where Ching and his beautiful aquariums reside. Ching’s latest build spares no expense and is the culmination of expertise and lots of planning. […]

    And the 400w Vertex Ballast Winner is…

    The 400w Vertex ballast winner is Boret! Congrats Boret, this 400 watter should serve your reef well. If you missed out on this one, keep your eyes open. Some exciting items to come in the near future.

    Red Dragon II DC Pumps Recalled

    The Red Dragon II Controllable DC Pump Royal Exclusiv and Proline Aquatics have issued a voluntary recall on the Red Dragon II DC Pumps in 240w and 350w sizes. It is important to note that only 110v/60hz models are effected limiting it to most North American users. The 230v/50hz models have not experienced these problems. […]

    Blue and Yellow, The Fish Cleaning Uniform

    A Labroides cleaner wrasse helps out a willing client–Pseudanthias pleurotaenia Over the past ten years Karen Cheney has been investigating the various social structures on coral reefs revolving around fish cleaning. As hobbyists we’re lucky to enjoy this event on regular occasion should we choose–Cleaner Shrimps and Neon Gobies are both hardy and adamant cleaners […]