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    Monthly Archives for July 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    The Arkive

    All animal lovers will appreciate the eye candy and information over at ARKive.org. The site is self described as “a unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world’s species.” For the aquarium hobbyist it is also a great tool particularly for coral identification and range. Some industry pros like Eric Borneman […]

    Elos RGB LED Prototype changes colors on demand

    Last we spoke with Elos they had been in the design stage of a few  LED prototype fixtures. Now a  new video from the Italian headquarters has been revealed showing off a prototype RGB LED unit in what appears to be the e-lite‘s casing illuminating a soft coral dominated Elos Mini. As you will see […]

    Update on the Glassbox, It’s Empty…

    Per some persistent phone calls, e-mails and comments from you guys here’s how the glassbox looked as of Friday evening… empty. All rock, water and sand was discarded. Plumbing and sump has been dismantled and cleaned. Pretty boring overall, but a nice clean starphire rimless tank never looks bad.  Thanks to a lot of labor and […]

    Non-Photosynthetic Diodogorgia on Video

    Is Azoox the new Acro? Non-photosynthetic reef tanks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to improved filtration and new feeds. Check out these videos of Diodogorgia noduliferia, the commonly available yellow and red knobby gorgonian. You wont see polyp extension shown here in most tanks, thanks to target feeding of cyclops and rotifers. Azooxanthellae Project: Diodogorgia […]

    Southeastern Reef Conference 2009 Pictures

    While we weren’t able to attend this years Southeastern Reef Conference (SRC) held in Orlando, plenty of our readers did make it out there. Here are some photos that were forwarded on to us from our friends at Salty Supply. This was the 3rd bi-annual SRC and the turn out was great. Brightwell Aquatics showed […]

    Despicable Humans Drag Live Shark on Miami Train

    Two Miami men captured what appears to be a Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) in Florida. They then proceeded to drag the 4.5 foot shark alive, bleeding, and suffering on to a public transit metromover train in Miami and then offer it to some seafood stores for $10 or $20. As expected, no stores took the […]